18 Games to Play with Friends on WhatsApp

10 games to play with friends on whatsapp

Have you ever been in a situation when the conversation gets boring while talking with your loved ones?

Have you ever been in a situation when your late-night group discussions went out of topic and you just managed yourself by forwarding a good night message even though you are not sleepy?

Have you ever been in a situation when you want to know someone’s secret but you can’t ask them directly ?

If the answer to above questions is YES, then in that case here is the solution!!

These entertaining whatsapp group games don’t cost a thing, and can strengthen your friendships, so you must try them out.

Here are the 18 games to play on whatsapp with your friends and of-course the best whatsapp games for lovers.

#1 Kiss, Marry, Kill

This is a popular and very exciting game to play with friends either in a personal chat or in a group chat.

The players can just ask other players who they’d Kiss, Marry or kill from a choice of 3 people. The 3 people can be anyone, from celebrities to friends, or even people in the group.

This will surely make an interesting group chat.

#2 In Character/Pretend

In this game all you have to do is pretend to be someone else till someone guesses who you are pretending to be.

You can also use this to troll your friends in the WhatsApp group chat , by copying them. Just change your DP to theirs and start acting like them.

It will be a hilarious experience but just don’t try to make them very angry, or that might affect your friendship.

#3 Antakshri

One of our traditional game which you must have enjoyed on events and functions. The first one has to sing a song and the another one have to start from the last letter of the song (in case you don’t know how to play).

Enjoy this game in groups and make your friends sing or you may also play it by just texting the lyrics to one another ( for those who are shy in singing).antakshari-whatsapp-group-game

#4 StoryTime

This one is for all the budding writers out there. This is a very simple game.

One player starts with a line and the other members of the WhatsApp groups keep adding lines to make it an interesting story. Time is the only constraint , you can keep writing as much as you want. 

#5 Unpopular Opinions

This is a simple game but would lead to a lot of interesting conversations and arguments. Make sure all your friends are online to Make the game more interesting. 

You just have to state an unpopular opinion like ‘Taylor Swift doesn’t have any award-worthy albums’  and just wait till people start attacking you for it or agreeing with your opinion.

#6 Rapid-Fire

This game is best to play with someone on personal chat rather than in groups. Just type a word which make others to think upon and ask them what is the first which came to their mind and get amazing and sometimes shocking replies too.rapid fire game to play in whatsapp

#7 Truth or Dare

The most famous game on this list, also makes for one of the fun games to play in WhatsApp groups. This is all time favourite game to know each other better and to make your friends reveal their secrets.

A person has to choose between Truth or Dare. If a person takes Dare they have to do a task given by the rest of the group. If they choose Truth they just have to answer a question asked by the group Truthfully.

Ask your heart out or put your friends in some interesting situations like what if you are the only person left on this planet or What if you reach an all new world alone just like PK, where no one understands your language ?

Every member has to choose 1 of the left members and ask them for truth or situation and put them in dilemma.

If all of you are comfortable and share a covalent bond (chemistry it is!), you can also modify this game by asking 18+ questions to each other but don’t forget to delete the conversations as if someone reads this it may lead to a big chaos.

#8 Hangman

This game is another simple, popular game and best for all the movie freaks. One important thing, the player starting the game has to be really determined. Bollywood and Hollywood games.. Remember??? He/She has to write a series of underscores which should be the letters of a movie by writing all the vowels present in the given word.

The others have to respond with the letters which they believe might be in the movie given with a maximum of just 10 chances. If the guess is correct the player has to write the letter at its position. The one with the right number of guesses will win.hangman-fun-game-to-play-on-whatsapp

#9 Sher-O-Shayari

This is the best time waster but the most entertaining of all. Consider yourself as Navjot Singh Sidhu and start writing some of the shayari of your own ofcourse and then let the other one write in the same rhyming tone. This sounds tough but believe me, just give it a try and you will be a pro in this in just few minutes. This game can be hilarious, so be sure you aren’t playing somewhere that you’ll be laughing out loud where you shouldn’t be.

#10 Emotional-Atyachaar

Form a word using the emoticons and ask others to find the hidden word in it or forward some of these guessing emotions in your group and do emotional-atyachaar on your friends by letting them guess the right answer.Guess-Hindi-Movie-Dialogues-Whatsapp-Puzzle.jpg

#11 Word Scramble

This game is derived from an english exercise we all used to have in school. Just scramble a word and give it to your friends with a hint and they have to guess the correct word. 

Ex; RBDA TIPT (actor)

The answer would be Brad Pitt

#12 List Builder

Remember “Name,Place,Animal,Thing” from your school days ??  The speed and mind booster game ?? This game is almost the same. In this each group member gets their turn to name something belonging to a particular genre. This could include movies, cities and their capitals, celebrities, brands name or anything else your mind can conjure up to and compete with one another. If any of your friend is replying late trust me he is googling it.

#13 Song Lyrics

This is more of a guessing game but it also can be used to  have some fun with your friends. You can just send your friends some song lyrics and make them guess which song it is. Or  just troll them by sending random lyrics of songs instead of meaningful replies.

#14 Questions

This is similar to truth or dare but the best part is there is no dare! So you can keep asking each other questions and make them answer any question you wanted to ask for a long time , or you can also make them  answer a question they’re always avoiding.

#15 20 Questions

This is a detective-esque game. Player#1  would have to choose a place, person or object and the other players would have to ask ‘yes or no’ questions to the person that gave the question. If they are  able to guess the place within 20 questions then they win, if not then player #1 would win.

#16 Words in Reverse 

This isn’t really a game to play but a way to have fun among friends on WhatsApp.  Just start talking in words in reverse order with your friends. Ex; ih , tahW era uoy ?otpu (hi , What are you upto?)

#17 Would you Rather….?

This is one of the better games to play with friends on WhatsApp.  Just ask a friend a simple two choice question like ‘Would you rather live in a cave or live in a tree house?’ . And your friend would have to choose one option from the two.

#18 Fortunately, Unfortunately

This is similar to Story Time but Instead of just adding on to the story the players have to alternate between starting the sentence with Fortunately and unfortunately. Just keep on building to make a nice story.

Ex; ‘Player #1:John was a boy’,

 ‘Player #2:Unfortunately, he had no friends to play with’,

‘Player #3:Fortunately, he had an Xbox to play with’

Hope this helps make your chat more Exciting ! Have fun. 🙂