10 financial tips for foreign trips



Foreign travelling and world tours have always been expensive propositions and when it comes to overseas travelling its difficult for many families to afford and even unimaginative for many. Still, here are certain ways to lessen the financial burden of an international trip to see the world without the bank being broken.


Holiday savings

It’s an essential first step for any trip which helps to determine what or how much money one needs to save or has coming in a while away. Surfing the net for the countries considered worth travelling to and checking out a daily allowance on an average for each can assist. Starting with a well-arranged spreadsheet for noting every place so far anticipated or wishes to go. Making columns on even a diary jotting the dates along with the daily expenses helps in preventing any sort of monetary loss and misplace.



If you think your monthly cash goes drained up, split your list into two viz. necessities and luxuries. Doing this will quickly enable you to find out a lot of stuff you can live without or even sometimes sacrifice the doable. Here are some of them:

  • Entertainment: Instead of being engaged in almost nothing, partying, and so on one can utilize his/her free time to learn and grow. Read, study, or plan the upcoming adventure. Believe this, the results are going to amaze you. Besides world tours aren’t meant to be stuck in technology. They are meant to be artistic and a learning experience.
  • Phone: Downgrading your plan and lessening the use of your mobile phones in this phone dependent world. Cutting on your data plan while opting for free wireless internet. Cutting back on theatres can also be an option. In addition try not to carry your laptops as they are first hindrance and secondly they are extras that you do not necessarily need as they as well might increase your expenses in say luggage taxes.
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These can be achieved with a constant thought of short-term inconveniencies for long-term achievements over your mind.

Plan Your Savings


The key is save what you can now. Talk to your HRs about a paid leave so that your work may also provide ways for you to save. Plan everything that saves you money. If you can book your tickets do that. Do not wait for the last time bookings that cost way too much. Try to arrange all your visas beforehand so that you do not in a way have to spend in getting them in the last moment.

Work for Travel

Keeping yourself engaged in some part-times –working in retail or any industry or even work from home. Even a couple of shifts per week can help greatly to finance your daunting world tour and more. Giving coaching to students can be done for this. While travelling, say in an adventure trip, you may as well try to write online travelogues for an online travel magazine or a journal.

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If all these tips are not feasible and you are truly not in a position to save, in the extreme case you may find someone as a support to turn for. Although not entertained, and it might be the case that this idea may not thrill others only if they are not willing for this funding. Explain your situation. Make sure you are able to and will pay them back.

Start Now

Chalkboard drawing - choose from now or later

No doubt travelling is too expensive only if you are not committed. Plan your budget and start this moment. Stop being lazy and putting it off. The longer you wait the more far will it be. Try having all things set, from the list of things you might need in the trip to your documents and all other necessities. If someone is coming along with you to the trip, try to sort everything between yourselves related to every domain, especially monetary expenses and always stay in touch with each other before leaving for the trip.

Time Management


Be it any section of life, time management is as vital as blood in the body. Plan your vacations and check how much time could be devoted to each country. Or even if it’s just one country, plan everything as to how many days you are going to be at any particular city and then to the other city and all your travelling expenses in such travels.

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Get an ATM


Signing up for a no-fee ATM card will give you the freedom to withdraw money without having to worry about racking up fees. Keep in mind that you don’t necessarily have to change banks to avoid ATM fees overseas, as many banks will waive them for certain checking account holders.

Notify Your Financial Institutions

The money in your bank account has no significance if your account is frozen. Even the slightest deviation from your normal spending pattern can raise a red flag for a fraud department, which may result in your account becoming frozen or your credit card denied. Prevent this from happening by informing your bank and credit card companies about the location of your travels and the duration of your stay in the foreign country. 

Setting Up Online Accounts


An online bank account will give you added convenience and security over your funds while traveling overseas. With an online account, you can easily check your balances, transfer and deposit funds, and stay on top of recent transactions. Setting up automatic payments can also help you pay bills on time and meet your financial duties while thousands of miles from home.