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10 Exercises to stay Fit and Healthy.


Early wake up calls and exercise may be out of your world and you often feel lazy to workout. It’s time now to stay fit and happy.

Your monotonous lifestyle makes you drowsy  and prone to sickness.So make a move out of your Bed and don’t wait till the body alarms you. To be healthy you need not spend hours and perform strenuous workouts  in the gym shedding sweat ,there are few simple exercises to make you stay fit and healthy, which in turn burn down all your calories and shed away unnecessary fat from  accumulating around your  belly.

Here are few simple exercises to make the body strong ,flexible and energetic.This exercises are simple and need not carry any bulky weights.These are simple, But effective when performed regularly and systematically.

1.Interval Training :

We get bored doing the same toilsome workouts for long hours,So instead adopt interval training,This is all about doing an intense workout for a short period of  time.  

For example, a Good starter workout is to run as fast as you can for a minute and then walk for two  minutes. Repeat this  3-minute interval five times for a 15-minute.You can include any type of exercise in Interval timing,which is fun to perform and can skip the mundane workout.

  1. Walking:

A pair of shoes is all the equipment you really need.It’s simple, free and one of the easiest way to get active, lose weight and become healthier.It helps to you stay trim,maintain blood pressure,lower the risk of chronic diseases. A lot of studies have shown that walking physical can improve memory and resist age-related memory loss.Keep increasing  your distance to slowly like 1000 steps a day.

  1. Swimming :

It is a perfect exercise and overall workout for the body..Having a swim is relaxing,fun and gentle on your joints and muscles. You can  keep going for a long time than running and It has tremendous benefits and  is a perfect overall body workout in a short time.

4.Squats :The upper and lower movement of your back strength’s  hips and buttocks, quadriceps.There are many types of squats to perform.The simple form of squat is described below

Keep your back straight, feet spread apart about shoulder length with both arms extended and knees over the ankles.Slowly,go downward with your butt and  just then return to your original standing position gradually.

  1. Push-ups :

It is a classic  exercise to increase your muscle strength,it triggers HGH production to accelerate  muscle growth.You can start by spreading your fully extended arms slightly more than shoulder width apart with their hands against an unmovable object

  1. Lunges : This exercise is back friendly which keeps your back straight and chest lifted which involves less risk of back strain.It works in same muscle group as squats. 

  1.  Crunches :

This simple  exercise is used for tummy flattening purpose and to  tone, define, and strengthens the abdominal muscles.

First rest on your back  with your feet flat on the floor and your head resting in your palms.Now move your head, neck,shoulders, and upper back off the floor.

  1. The Plank :

This static exercise  increases your endurance in your abs ,back and core.

The simplest plank  is as follows. First,Lie on the floor facing  down and  place your elbows on the floor and slightly lift yourself up with their support. Your body should be straight from your head to your ankles, pull the abdominal muscles inside as tightly.

9.Bent-over-row :

This  workout is done while standing and you should stand with your feet shoulder-length apart with knees bent and hips lean forward.Bend the pelvis forward slightly, contract the abdominal muscles and straighten the upper back.This simple workout reduces lower back pain.move  your hands straight down beneath your shoulders.This will help to build a strong back.

10.Yoga :

Yoga is a combination of several exercises which makes you aware of your body’s posture, alignment and patterns of movement.The beauty is that it can be practiced anywhere and does not require any equipment.There are various yoga postures to be practised but simplest of all these is “SURYA NAMASKAR”.

Regular exercise controls your weight and also improves your mood.It add’s a spark to your  Perform combination of some exercises like squats ,lunges,push-ups in a  set interval of 10 minutes or less depending upon your capacity.Performing  with a blend of  a variety of exercises is lot fun and exciting.



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