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10 evidence of ailing effects of cholesterol in our diet


With new facts unveiled every day, there are a lot of arguments amongst researchers and medical experts as to how much cholesterol should be a part of our daily food intake. One thing that all these experts agree on is, there must be a certain amount of good cholesterol-boosting agents or sources of good cholesterol that we should take in to be on the healthier side. By all means, one should avoid eating food articles that are high in bad cholesterol and also may boost the creation of cholesterol in our body.

The human body already comes with an inbuilt factory of cholesterol. The challenge lies in controlling the production of bad cholesterol and increasing the output of good cholesterol. With no thanks to our eating habits, it is often the bad cholesterol that wins the mass production race. This leads our body to undergo a number of ill effects. This article puts the light on a bunch of ill effects that the bad cholesterol in our diet puts us in front of.

The 10 pieces of evidence of ill effects of cholesterol in our diet:

There are a lot of ill effects that cholesterol has on our body. Some of these ill effects may be short lived while the rest might just give way to long-term diseases, which refuse to leave us, “Till death do us apart.” This can lead to being a bond stronger than what you share with your loving partner. Trust me, this surely not something you want. Learning about the different ill effects of cholesterol on your health, might just stop you from indulging yourself from all those cholesterol-rich foods you have been feasting on till date.

#1: Ill Effects on the Circulation of Blood

One of the most dreaded effects of cholesterol is related to the inefficient circulation of blood throughout the human form. It is this effect that lies at the base of all other difficulties that arise due to the high level of bad cholesterol in the body. It is important that our body produces a regular and optimum amount of cholesterol to function in the most effective manner. The cholesterol is produced in the liver of the human body and thereafter distributed throughout the body.

The cholesterol breaks down to form a number of different necessary elements, such as- hormones, bile acids and also the very important vitamin D. When the liver starts producing, or you start taking in more cholesterol than what your body actually needs, it starts secreting into your blood and gets distributed all over. This extra cholesterol might get deposited in the arteries that carry it and result in the lazy movement of blood through the body which might result in the inefficient supply of blood to any or most regions of the body. This can be a deathly strike for you. It is important that there is a high level of good cholesterol n your body, which might lead this extra cholesterol back to the liver.

Ill Effects on the Circulation of Blood

#2: Ill Effects on the liver

Uncontrolled cholesterol might mean that the liver continuously produces more cholesterol than what is necessary. This is a dysfunction that the liver is undergoing and can be treated with proper exercise, food habits and also accurate medicinal help.

#3: The Plaque Building

As mentioned above, the extra cholesterol produced in the liver is excreted by it and starts moving to the different parts of the body, through the arteries. What happens when there is too heavy a supply of cholesterol in your arteries? The cholesterol starts to settle on the floor of these arteries. This sedimentation may lead to the formation of plaque. What is a plaque, it is a hard and tough mixture of a number of unlikable elements, such as fat, cholesterol, etc.

#4: The Artery becomes the dumping ground

With too much amount of cholesterol moving about through the arteries, they steadily become heavier, and when they cannot move any further, they dump themselves in the arteries itself. This stops the usual flow of the blood.

#5: Jaw Pain

A lot of people might not know this, or would prefer to overlook, but, pain in the jaw is an acute sign of increased cholesterol level in the body. How does this happen? Well with sedimentation of the extra cholesterol in the arteries, there is less of both blood and oxygen reaching their desired spots. When this oxygen does not reach the jaw, it soon succumbs to a lot of intense pain.

#6: Pain in the Chest

 One of the first things that pop into our mind when there is a slight discomfort or pain in the chest area is maybe you are having an indigestion reaction to all the chilli you had for dinner. Though this can be a potent issue, there is no reason why you should underestimate the fact that you have a higher level of cholesterol. The lesser amount of blood and oxygen reaching the heart can actually be the cause of all that pain and discomfort.

#7: Dying Brain Cells

The effects of increased cholesterol can be really scary, and this is just one of them. The cells in the brain begin to die gradually, by starving for blood that the arteries should have been supplying them with.

#8: Severe Chances of Heart Attack

The chest pain is just the indication. A full blow is caused by a heart attack. An increase in cholesterol in the blood level also increases your chances of suffering a cardiac arrest.

#9: Forms Gall Stones

With the bile formation completely thrown out of balance thanks to all the extra cholesterol, gallstones can become a sure formation in your gall bladder.

#10: Gangrene

With low blood supply to the legs, they often suffer from pain or numbness. If the situation continues to persist, it might also lead to gangrene.

Now that you are well aware of all the ill effects of cholesterol in your diet, it is best advised to control it, before the situation goes out of hand.



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