10 easy way to build gymatic body at home


Are you getting irritated of your loose fatty skin?? Do you feel embarrassed being commented on your physique?? Do you feel lonely for not having a girlfriend due to your physique? And still, to help it out you want to join a gym but can’t pay the fees?? Or even if you can pay the fees ,you don’t have time to go??

Then this is the life changing article that will change your life. This article will tell you how to build a gymatic body at home and that too without any equipment!!


Workout is waste if your diet is not healthy. So start your day with a healthy diet. Most important thing in a healthy diet are green vegetables and fruits. Avoid junk food first of all.  Then if you are underweight guy, then take a healthy protein diet( 4 eggs/250g paneer per day,1l full cream milk, sprouts, banana) else if you are willing to loose weight then follow a light weight diet(sprouts, fruit salad, green veggies,1l double toned milk, paneer 100g).

Drink excess water (atleast 10 glasses a day), it kills the toxins in the body and purifies the blood. In the morning , intake a glass full of water with one teaspoon of honey and half teaspoon lemon juice. Honey being hot in nature , and lemon juice being a natural intoxicant smoothens your body system and brings out sweat. Rest of the day intake normal water.

Have dinner before 8pm and walk is a must after dinner else whole of your workout would go waste.


stair running

Running is best exercise considered to loose maximum of weight. It involves fast movement of legs and movement of hands. While running whole of your body is in motion ,so any of your excess weight if present ,is burned. Moreover it build your calves and thighs. Run atleast 2km in a day.

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Staircase running is more preferable as in this type , running is made against the gravity, so more of fat is burned. It burns your belly fat, builds thighs and calves.



A push up is a common exercise performed in a prone position by raising and lowering the body using the arms. This basic exercise was used in civilian athletic training or phy education.It exercises the triceps ,chest ,back area and mid section as a whole. It is done by leaning against the floor using our foot and arms and bringing chest down to floor level .

In the starting make sets of 10×3 and after every week, increase each set by 5 reps.



A pull-up is an upper body compound pulling exercise. This exercise works on shoulders ,back and frontal biceps portion. For this you will have to raise a bar in your house. It is an exercise involving raining oneself with one’s arms by pulling up against a horizontal bar, fixed above one’s head. As this happens ,the wrist remains in neutral position, elbow flex and the shoulder adducts and extends to bring the elbows to or sometimes behind the torso. The knees may be bent by choice.

In the starting make sets of 5×4 and after every week ,increase each set by 5 reps.



By squat it means to crouch or sit with one knees bent and one’s heels close to or touching one’s buttock or the back of one thighs. This exercise works on thighs. In fitness training, squat is full body exercise that trains primary the muscle of thighs ,hips and buttocks as well as strengthening the bones and ligament. To make this happen, all you got to die stand on your feets and attain a chair position with back straight and stand straight again. Remember while lowering the body, don’t raise your feets.

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In the starting make sets of 20 x 4 and after every week ,increase each set by 5 reps.


Crunchcrunches 2

Now comes the most important exercise ,crunches. This is the key to your dream, six pack abs. it is one of the most common abdominal exercise. It primarily works on the upper abs (rectinal abdominal muscle) and belly fat. All you got to do is lie down in resting position, fold your legs ,raise your head and lift your body trying to make your head touch the ankle. You can keep your hands on your head so as to give it a support. This type of crunches are for for upper abs. Another type of crunches is crossleg crunches in which you in the position of normal crunches try to make your left elbow touch the right ankle and right with left ,respectively. This type of exercise is for belly fat and central abs.

In the starting make sets of 20 x 4 and after every week ,increase each set by 5 reps.



This exercise is practiced by resting on floor and raising only your legs to 90 degree angle. This exercise works on lower abs portion

In the starting make sets of 15 x 4 and after every week ,increase each set by 5 reps.

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Planks is known as a position in which you are resting on floor with front body facing the floor and body is stationarilly raised with the help of elbow, forearms and foot toe. This exercise is known for fastest burning of fat and faster development of abs. All you got to do is hold your body as much as you can in the raised position.

In the starting make sets of 15seconds x 4 and after every week ,increase each set by 5 seconds.



If you want to tone and strengthen your triceps, at the back of your upper arms, make close grip push ups part of your strength training routine . This type of exercise is one of the most of effective exercise of your triceps. It also works your chest and shoulders and engages your core and upper thigh to stabilize your body.

In the starting make sets of 10 x 3 and after every week ,increase each set by 5 reps.


side bending

In this exercise all you got to do is stretch your hands in the air and bend the body sideways. This exercise is only for belly fat and the most usefull one.

In the starting make sets of 20 x 3 and after every week ,increase each set by 5 reps.