10 Creepiest things on Reddit


Creepy things do happen somewhere or the other all the time. People who are interested in these aspects are always on the front foot to know these stories. Sometimes there is a solution that crops out of the darkness, but in most of the cases, people like enjoying the suspense. This is somewhat thrilling, and if you are one of the persons who like such arenas, here is a bit of good news waiting are you. Here are ten of the creepiest things on Reddit and you need to know about all these aspects to get a grand experience.


1.  Water: Many people are scared of water and wake up in the middle of the night thinking that they are drowning. There are many cases that they were really nightmares and these are mainly the cases which occur to people who are scared of water. There have been incidents that people heard the sound of flush or running water from the tap in the wash room and thought that something wrong is happening to them. In some cases, people have actually found the tap open, but the fear of water created the sense of drowning.

2. Accidents: There have been many cases in which people have woken up screaming that they have witnessed an accident. They may be a part of the incident, or just a witness. But the feeling of obscurity plays a negative roe in their minds and they wake up scared. Sometimes the illusion takes a long time to subside. These happen to people who are really scared of speeding or are prone to accidents in real life. In other cases there have been visions that they are seeing the ruins of a car which have been mangled in an accident.

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3. Shower: People have woken up from their sleep on hearing the sounds of shower. There are cases in which they have found the shower on in the bathrooms. In many of the cases, it has proved to be false and they have found nothing in the washroom. There has been no explanation of these happenings except they were dreaming, or thinking deeply about unnatural things. There have been no explanations except technical faults in cases that have found no solution.  These people often wake up in the middle of the night and obviously, they are scared of these unnatural elements.

4. Voices: This is the most common aspect that people are scared of. There have been many people who have heard voices in their sleep and woken up to find nothing. The first thing that people tend to do when they hear the voices is to try out and understand whose voice it was and what it was trying to convey. In most of the cases, people spend long hours thinking of a solution, but there have been no results. However, there was a case in which a man was found in the basement, trying to overhear the conversation in the room.


5. Attic: There are many places in which people have felt the presence of a person in the attic of their house. Initially they are scared, thinking that there has been an attempt of burglary. But when nothing wrong is found, they turn even more serious. The subconscious mind has the possibility to think in the negative angle and people have really been scared out of their skin on hearing such noises. However, there have been a few cases in which there were genuine reasons for the noises.

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6. Basement: Just like the attic, there have been cases where people have heard voices from the basement of the house. They have even dialled the police for help, but nothing turned out to be happening. This is also one of the creepiest things as there is limited access to the basements and people do not get there too often.


7. Falling: This is the scariest part of the sleep. People have been scared a lot when they get the feeling that they are falling from a high place. There is such a turmoil in the body, that people end up moving vigorously on the bed. This happens to people who have the possibility to get bad dreams and this often results in fright. Even after several hours, they are not able to get rid of the fright and sometimes they need to consult the authorised relief team.

8. Eyes: This too is interesting. People have seen pairs of strange eyes staring at them in their sleep. They tend to call them, just like the voices, but the glance of the eyes are enough to scare the people. They remain in a state of shock for a pretty long time before the effect subsides. The most common element in all these instances is the colour of the eyes. People do not see the normal eyes of the humans in their sleep. They see a greenish tinge inside the eyes, which are supposed to be white in colour. They spend days and months, trying to make out what had happened. In most of the cases, there has been no solution.

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9. Animals: Animals in the sleep are scary. The most common animal is the snake, which scare the people. This occurs to people who are actually scared of snakes and the creepy creatures tend to scare them when they appear to move about their body. There have been cases when people have touched a thread coming out of the blanket and thought that they are holding a snake. This results to a lot of trauma.

10. Abstractness: This is the most difficult thing to explain. People wake up all of a sudden, not knowing the purpose. All that they feel is the sense of absolute blankness. This takes a lot of time to subside and they spend a lot of time sitting on the bed. The power of reasoning gets reduces for some time when they have this sort of a feeling.


So which of the above did you experience? Wasn’t it scary?