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10 Corny Pickup Lines to Win You over Someone


A real and convincing pickup line is always difficult to come by. That’s why you should always give the credit where it’s due. At least, that person made the first move. So, here are the ten of the best pickup lines that will work wonders if you try it.  But you should always remember that pickup lines only work when you are confident. These pickup lines will be your best friend if you want to make a woman or man smile. They are always the best way to break the ice if you want to start a conversion with the person you are stalking for a long time at a party or anywhere else.

Men are different from women

A woman cannot always be wooed with pick up lines. However, in the case of men that is totally different. Men and women have always argued for the definition of a date. A Woman would always want a man to be confident. A man’s personality always influences her. Although every female of this world differs in their views of men, a true gentleman never escapes their notice. But the men consider dating as an exciting outing to show their pickup skills. Like, all women, not all men are the same. The dating system works very differently on different levels.


Even simple things do the trick

The best way to impress a woman or a man is always by introducing yourself first. A simple ‘hi’ is the best line you can come up with as it’s not one of those usual corny pickup lines, yet it is bold and always makes an impression. Another thing that you can do is to stare directly towards him or her.  Approach him or her with a line like “You look like someone that I would like to meet.”  It will always bring a smile on the person’s face and most probably it will set you up for a date with him or her. It doesn’t matter if you are a man or woman.  Showing off will always work. If you say “hey, want to see my ridiculously tanned abs?” or “can you prove you are a real man by checking out my curves?” it will become one of those corny pickup lines instantly.

Do something different

If you are a guy of fives and sixes you can try something ‘swagy’ and come up with something like  “Hey girl, why you being all sexy ?” this is one of those unconventional yet corny pickup lines that would make your girl feel baffled. It always catches a woman off guard and consequently she is always flattered by it. Another line you can come up with, if you two have something in common, “I have the same shoes”. Being sarcastic also works if you can work out a phrase like “Hey! What’s your favorite color?” and it will easily become one of the Cheesiest Pick-Up Lines that you have worked out in recent times.

A smile can even win you a war

Making her smile is the most important thing that you need to do when you are trying to impress your girl. Approach her with a joke, “Nice shoes. Want to make your parents proud?” and she will like you. A joke is always one of the Cheesiest Pick-Up Lines you can come up with. Another one of the Cheesiest Pick-Up Lines you can come up with is “I saw you checking me out. Does that mean you want to buy me a drink?” This line will work if you can maintain an eye contact with him or her for at least a few minutes. .



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