10 casting couch moments in Bollywood


The Bollywood film industry may seem an exotic topic to discuss, but there are several stories that remain behind the screen. There are purposely censored in order to do away with a lot of humiliation and gossip. There have been several incidents when the new actresses have faced undesirable circumstances right from the auditions, and these are somewhat shocking. When some of these stories are leaked, they create a lot of buzz for a couple of weeks, before they subside. Their place is occupied by other stories that attract the people. There are several shocking incidents where the Bollywood personalities have been couched, either mentally or sexually. Here are the ten casting couch moments in Bollywood that have made their way from behind the curtains.

  1. Kangana Ranaut Casting Couch
  2. Mamta Kulkarni & Rajkumar Santoshi Casting Couch Moment
  3. Rina Golan casting charges against Subhash Ghai
  4. Mamta Patel accuses Irfan Khan for Casting Couch
  5. Geetika Tyagi Casting Couch
  6. Payal Rohatgi Casting Case
  7. Preeti Jain & Madhur Bhandarkar Controversial Case
  8. Shakti Kapoor Sting Operation
  9. Aman Verma Casting Couch Sting
  10. Suchitra Krishnamurthy : Controversial Interview
1. Kangana Ranaut: In the film Tanu weds Manu, the actress had a great concern while the audition was on its way. She was asked to have sex after a meeting when the audition was over. However, the actress lived up to her morale and denied the proposal. After all, it did not affect her career and the authorities let her go. This leniency made the story to get silenced for a while, but the actress did not keep quiet for long. She availed the social media and now it is just a part of history.26-Kangna-Ranaut

2. Mamta Kulkarni: Even the famous director like Rajkumar Santoshi was accused of couching. When the shooting of the film China Gate was on the process, he offered sex to the actress over a matter of compromise. She did not give in to the pressure, but there are rumours that she did compromise a bit. After all, these stories do not have a perfect proof except they are caught on camera. Scandals are common everywhere, and the elite class is not free from it. So, people come to know about these stories which resurface from time to time.-mamta-kulkarni-casting-couch

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3. Rina Golan: The model had come all the way from Israel to India in the hope of getting a chance in the Bollywood industry. She was in touch with director Subhashish Ghai, who offered her a role in one of his films. However, she returned to her country and wrote an autobiography, where she alleged the celebrity to behave abnormally with her. Whew! She did not inform any one here. She went back to her country and the incident resurfaced only when she wrote her autobiography.hqdefault

4. Mamta Patel: In the film Paan Sing Tomar, mamta Patel accused Irfan Khan of couching. He was said to be in a compromising position and she was really disappointed with the conduct of the actor. After all, it was something which makes people go down in shame. There was a slide as well, which was circulated among a handful of critics.Mamta-Patel-casting-couch

5. Geetika Tyagi: This actress was also a victim when she began her career. Apart from this, she accused of Subhashish Kapoor of couching. Whether it was a sexual abuse or not was a mystery, but there was a video which revealed that the duo were speaking. The actress revealed that he was asking her for a sexual pleasure and she was in no mood to entertain it. At the end of the day, both of them landed up in a controversy and it took quite some time to get silenced.24-geetika-tyagi 

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6. Payal Rohatgi: This is also one of the most exposed ones when it comes to couching. This scandal was exposed during Big Boss in 2011, when Dibakar Baneerjee was accused of couching her. It was said that the incident took place in Sanghai, where the shooting was going on a few months ago. This was really one of the well-known couching incidents and received a great deal of publicity.


7. Preeti Jain: You may already have come across this incident. The high level of publicity that followed after the incident was exposed shocked the people. In this incident, Madhur Bhandakar was accused of couching her back in 2004. Though the incident is more than a decade old, it is still fresh when it comes to the discussion about scandals among the elite class. Apart from this. The high degree of publicity that it received is responsible for the controversies.20-preeti-jain-300
8. Shakti Kapoor Sting operation: So, couching has no bounds. This is another shocking incident that you need to know. At least, this one is something that you cannot miss out. This incident dates back to 2005, when a TV reporter said that she was ready to receive the couch before she proceeded to work on a project with the great celebrity. Apart from that, some pictures and slides show them in a position of intimacy and this has been highly criticised by the people.


9. Aman Verma: This is a part of the same Sting Operation mentioned earlier. In 2005, Shakti Kapoor was seen with Aman Verma on a slide. It revealed that the latter was tampering with a girl and this invited a lot of buzz as well as criticism. Whatever the case may be, one cannot disbelief his own eyes and the slide triggered a lot of controversy.aman-verma-bigg-boss-9-contestant-photos-3

These are some of the stories that have made their way to the open. However, there are several stories which people never come to know and they remain hidden forever. There are no attempts made to dig out the hidden stories, or even if they are dug up, people prefer to keep themselves away from criticism on such topics. After all, who wants to get entangled in controversial issues? Apart from this, there are times when the stories remain buried due to the lack of sufficient proof. After all, there are scandals in all the strata of the society and Bollywood is not free from these.


Casting Couch Meaning

Term Casting couch originated in entertainment/movie industry, with specific reference to couches in offices that could be used for sexual activity between casting directors and aspiring actors. Its is basically a trading of sexual favours by an aspiring actor to a superior/casting director/producer etc… for entry into an occupation for better career growth.