10 Breakthrough Technologies That Can Save Our Planet!


The planet earth is undergoing an unwanted shift of global warming and climate disruptions. These dangerous phenomenon is due to anthropogenic activities. However, there exist some unconventional path-breaking technologies that can eradicate the fear of destruction and help the environmental progress on a larger scale if implemented ubiquitously.

1. Wind Power: Wind farms are indeed a good form of investment, where the best returns can come from buying turbines, installation of required equipment and leveraging the variations in atmospheric pressure. Although a wind turbine cannot capture all of the energy as the theoretical limit is around 60 per cent of the energy, it can still be more productive than solar energy through photo-voltaic panels.

As a matter of fact, only 1% of world electricity demand in fulfilled by wind power. 20% of Danish electricity is generated using this method, whereas the US and Spain are adding large amount of wind capacity. The European Union which uses only 4% of wind power can increase it to 13% by 2020.



2. Solar Energy: You might not be aware of the fact that the energy released by Sun to the earth’s surface is 7000 times more than what the fossil fuel energy consumed by humans. Imagine the kind of mega-energy potential the sun has. Three ways by which sun’s energy can be captured are:

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Using tube containing liquids, under direct sunlight, and using that through a heat exchanger. This can be replaced with geyser used for washing purpose.

Photovoltaic panels that converts the photons of light into electricity.

Solar concentrators using mirrors that focus a large amount of heat to a concentrated area which can be used thereafter.

Solar panel against blue sky
Solar panel against blue sky


3. Ocean energy: Bringing into the notice of the reader, the energy contained in the global tides at any moment is around a massive 3800 GW. A maximum part of tidal energy that is performed under deep oceans is impossible to harness and hence different methods are used.

Using barrages can be extremely productive, as it leverages energy from the difference between high and low tides. It can be used with electricity generating turbines.

Another method is of using wave-power collectors.

Heat pumps can be utilized for the heat differences between levels of ocean surface.

The approach of Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) has gained momentum throughout the globe.



4. Soil and Forests: There are massive carbon sinks. With a mammoth population of flora and fauna, it is the best place to absorb carbon. Keeping in mind the species and the intricate food web, special technologies are being researched upon in universities around the world over how to leverage the power of soil and forests.

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5: Super-efficient homes: This implies to Passivhaus and eco-renovations. Each individual aspires to build and own a house. If a large number of people stick to environment friendly homes then ecological balance can be maintained. Some of those methods are-

Introducing a thick layer of insulation on the wall exteriors. This combined with better windows, appropriate system of heating or cooling, and eco-refurbishments can cut carbon dioxide emission substantially.

Passivhaus type of houses avoid the problems of using conventional construction materials,and provides adequate difference between outside air and the house.



6. Electric cars: The world is swooning over the latest models of electric cars rolled over the market by some top-notch automobile companies. The mere thought of doing away with expensive and polluting diesel or petrol, and replacement by rechargeable batteries or energy storage devices are enough to bewilder your thoughts. This revolutionary technology is not just a replacement rather a hot-shot option in the world market. It shall help reduce excessive emission of greenhouse gases. Various automobile companies such as Tesla Motors, Ford, BMW, Mitsubishi, Ford, Volkswagen etc., have already successfully launched electric vehicles. It has helped considerably in fuel, thermal, electrical and hence energy efficiency. Usually electric cars are charged or the battery is replaced.

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7. Biofuels: Fermentation of yeast with sugary liquids in vacuum results in production of ethanol. It can be used as a petrol substitute as it burns well, gives better acceleration, and is less polluting. Besides, it can be used to supplement petrol and given preference over dangerous additives.

In Europe, most biofuels used are made of foodstuffs, namely, sugarcane, wheat and corn that is fermented. This biological exploitation and experimentation has given biofuels as a great replacement. Even municipal wastes can be used for this purpose. Vinod Khosla, a top-notch tycoon is said to be the man behind many cellulosic ethanol companies throughout the globe.

biofuels energy


8. Biochar: This method is of sequestering carbon as charcoal. Biochar is an extremely porous structure, which retains proteins, nutrients, by providing a protective structure which encourages growth of microfungi. This can help avoid leaching, washing away of plant foods into running water bodies. It also constitutes potassium, phosphorus, or ammonia that can be applied to soil for increased fertility.