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10 Bollywood Celebrities Who Got Pregnant Before Marriage


There are a number of secret marriages that have taken place in Bollywood. Also, here there are such marriages that were suddenly announced and just after a few months of the marriage also the announcement for the new baby was done. Obviously such arrangements were done to hide the news of pregnancy before marriage. But this is Bollywood, and here it is difficult to hide any kind of news. There are a number of couples who decided to keep the news of pregnancy before marriage to be a secret while some were ready to accept it.

Here are the 10 of those Bollywood actresses who got pregnant before their marriage.


Sridevi is one of the most famous and beautiful looking actresses of the Bollywood industry. There are a number of superhit movies like Chandni, Mr. India, and many others in her fame. She is also one such actress who has the courage to openly admit about her pregnancy before she got married. Soon, she got married to Bonny Kapoor in the year 1996 when she was seven months pregnant. The couple was soon blessed with a daughter whom they named as Jhanvi.


Konkona Sen Sharma

The super talented actress was pregnant much before her marriage while she was dating the actor Ranveer Shorey. The couple got their marriage arranged in a private way at Konkona’s house in the year 2010. In the year 2011, they had a baby boy. But unfortunately now there is news that the couple is no more together.


Sarika got pregnant when she was in a live-in relationship with the actor Kamal Hassan. Kamal had divorced her earlier wife to be in a live-in relationship with Sarika. Kamal Hassan and Sarika got married when Sarika got pregnant, and the first child that they had been Shruti Hassan, who has grown up to a beautiful actress while later they had another kid Akshara Hassan.

Amrita Arora

Normally Bollywood couples do have big fat weddings. But the same is not for all such as in the case of Amrita Arora. She was dating Shakeel Ladak and got pregnant. Soon they had to get married in a hurry so that their kid can take birth after their marriage. Though the marriage was in a hurry, but there were a good amount of the hustle and bustle about the marriage in the B-Town. Amrita preferred to get her marriage done in a hurry but it was not a secret one, and the couple took their vows in front of a number of important celebrities from the Bollywood industry.

Mahima Choudhary

The marriage bells of Mahima Choudhary were heard with the news that she was expecting. So, either the couple Mahima Choudhary or the architect Bobby Mukherjee had a secret wedding or marriage in a hurry. The fact that the actress was pregnant before her marriage can be traced from the fact that the couple got married maybe someday in the year 2006, and they welcomed their kid only a few months after their wedding.

Celine Jaitley

Celine Jaitley is known among one of the hottest actresses of Bollywood. Celina Jaitley was married to her Australian boyfriend from Dubai Peter Haag. Now the interesting story is that the couple got married in the month of July o 2011 and the actress delivered the twins in the month March of 2012, but Celina has been denying the fact that she got pregnant before their marriage. Now this is quite a strange thing to admit that the babies who took birth in the seventh month were not kept on life support system. So, either it is a miracle or a plain lie said by the actress.

Neena Gupta

Not only love stories do end at marriages. This was the story in the case of the Bollywood actress Neena Gupta and cricketer Vivian Richards. Though the couple was together for only a small period of time but this was enough to get the actress pregnant. But they could not get married as because Vivian was committed to his first wife and decided to be with her. As a result, Neena Gupta chose to raise her daughter Masaba all by herself.



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