10 Bollywood Actors Who Started As Junior Artists


Art is all about skills. The more they are nurtured, the faster they are mastered. There are several artists who started their careers with a little scratch, and now they lead the industry. One needs to keep the trust in himself or herself and work diligently in order to rise in the industry. The same principle holds good when it comes to acting. People who are passionate about acting are inclined to the film industry. There are several young artists who are now celebrities in the film industry. Here are the top ten artists who have been able to make the difference by starting their journey as Junior Artists.

Shahid Kapoor: This great artist began his career in the movie Taal along way ago. He had to climb a steep way to rise to the zenith of glory. He kept up his consistency and at present, he is one of the main actors of the Indian film industry. He is marked by a great personality and skills, which make up the key features of a good actor. Apart from acting, he has showcased good skills in dancing and this has marked a positive angle as far as his progress is concerned.


Sridevi: One can hardly deny the contribution of this actress to the Indian film Industry. She has been acting since she was four years old. Her first film was Kandan Karunai. She is known to be famous for the south Indian movies, but also has a great contribution to the Bollywood movies as well. She has developed her skills from a child and has glorious contributions to the Indian frim Industry.

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Imran khan: This actor has made a great mark in the Bollywood film industry. He came to limelight with the film Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na. Before that, he featured in other films at a young age. The film Jo Jeeta Woh e Sikander is an instance to mark out the skills that he has shown as a child artist. There are many of his films along with the contemporary greats like Aamir Khan and others. The skills of acting and playing a wide variety of roles over the years have made him a seasoned artist.



Hrithik Roshan: he was just a kid of six when the first came in front of the camera. One of his earliest films was Asha and over the years, he has evolved a lot. Today, he is the heart throb of several fans. His speciality lies in the looks and action.  There have been many films and he is popular in the industry, and he is a match only to himself.


Rishi Kapoor: Remember the film Mera Naan Joker? This child actor played the role of younger Raj Kapoor in the film. The skills in acting need not be re-introduced, but the contribution to the Bollywood industry has been great. Apart from being a child actor, he has contributed a lot to the industry when he grew up as a mainstream artist, using his dexterity and skills.


Neetu Singh: Back in the 1960’s, she started her career as an actress with the film Suraj. She was a little baby and cute looking. At that time she was only eight years old. Later in her life, she won fame in many movies like Yaadon ke Bharat. The acting is excellent and given the all-round skills, she was a perfect match for the film industry.

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Aamir Khan: He was only seven years old when he first made his appearance in the film Yaadon ki Bharat. The journey is still on and he has made a number of quality films. His movies are released after long intervals, but all of them are hits. People enjoy his skills and he has played a wide variety of roles over the years. The films like 3 Idiots and PK are the best examples which show his skills. He is really a versatile character in the context of Indian film industry and whenever his films are about to be released, there is a lot of buzz around the corner. The dancing skills are also fine. The most attractive part of his acting is his body language and physique.

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Aftab Shivdasani: This actor just 14 months old when his face was first seen in the movie Farex. Then he acted in some of the TV commercials and movies like Mr India. He may not be recalled by many of the people as he was not regular in the industry. However, he was a skilled actor and made a lot of difference in the industry with his adroitness and acting.

Urmila Matondhkar: She made her debut in Bollywood with the movie Kalyug. From that point of time, she has been contributing to the Bollywood industry and has gained a lot of popularity. Her movements and looks are perfect and the beauty too, counts as a factor that has brought her a lot of popularity.

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Shashi Kapoor: He was just a kid of seven when he first made his mark on the big screen. His first movie was Tadbir, and he played the younger version of Raj Kapoor, who is his brother. Later, he came into limelight with many films like Aag and Aawara. He is really agood treat to watch on the big screen. Apart from the acting, people love his body language and voice.


Whatever the origin is, all these artists have made their way into the big stage despite a lot of hindrances. All one needs is determination and hard work to shine in life. Another aspect is a good mentor and sticking to the guidelines. The Indian film industry will remain incomplete without the contribution of these artists who have dedicated a lot of their precious time in order to make their presence felt on the big screen. There are many more actors and still now, people have been striving their hearts out on order to grow into a popular figure in the film industry.