10 best Taylor Swift songs which make a girl go crazy


Taylor Alison Swift, now popular as Taylor Swift is an American singer and songwriter and was born and brought up in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania. She started pursuing her music career since she was 14 years of age. Her very first self-titled album was released in the year 2006 and since then she became one of the most famous and loved singing sensations among many people. She became the youngest person who handled singing and writing songs alone single-handedly.  

10 best Taylor Swift songs which make a girl go crazy

If you are a Tailor Swift fan, you must be aware that most of her songs are such that are loved by girls. Some of the best Taylor Swift songs which can make a girl go crazy can be listed below.

You belong with me

Taylor Swift is known for her romantic numbers and this song can be said to be the most romantic songs that the singer has ever sung. Listen to the tune and every word of the song and you will understand why the song is said to be one of the most romantic ever song sung. Each word has a meaning and a magic that is spelled. Sing the song to your boyfriend and surely he is going to love it.


It is said that most of the songs sung by the singer is among breakups and is related to her own personal life. Listening to this song you may feel this connection. In this song, you will be able to feel a prayer from a girl’s heart about how she craves to her love to not fall in love with someone else. Some of the most amazing words of the song such as ‘My thoughts will echo your name’ are so much touching that it will surely make you cry if you are going through such a situation.

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Love Story


This particular song can be categorized among those best songs that are written with full dedication and that have some of the deepest meanings in the 21st century. If you are searching for your love, then this can be the ultimate song with which you can connect. The song is also said to be the story of the singer herself and it reflects how she is not able to get her love the first time and the relationship comes to an end. Just feel the situations how the singer describes about dancing with her partner, being shying and other things.


If you are a Taylor Swift fan, then surely you must have heard this song and must have also loved it. This is a song in which the singer has thrown open her heart. Some of the words in this song are so much from the singer’s heart that it actually touches you deep inside. This has to be one of the best creations of the singer till date.

Today was a fairytale

This is a song that is not only best due to its lyrics but also due to its immensely beautiful music. Truly, the song is named with the word fairytale, because the song seems to take you to a fairy land. Listen to the song with the lights of your room switched off and you will be taken to some other land with the best feelings ever. Enjoy the words of the song to feel it and this will become one of your favorite songs.

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Back to December

It is simply impossible to rank the songs of Taylor Swift in hierarchy. All of them are so beautiful that no one can be competed with another. Like many other song, this can also be considered as one of the most romantic and best written songs of Taylor Swift. The lyrics are so much well written that they have a meaning in each and every sentence. This is an apology song that the singer sings for breaking up with her boyfriend. Many of the fans have claimed that you can get the touch of the wintry nights of December in this amazing song.

Sparks Fly

This is again a great song that is complimented greatly with drums and guitars. While listening to the song you may get nostalgic about various flashbacks from the past. The song consists of the idea of fireworks and other sparks that you must have enjoyed before while you are thinking about someone special or going to meet that someone special. The best thing about this song is that you can listen to it in both your moods, whether you are happy or you are not happy. So, if you are Taylor Swift song lover, you should surely have this song in your album.

I knew you were trouble

This is one such song that speaks explains exactly what the title says. The song actually explains a story, where a girl falls in love with a bad boy. She knows that the boy is not good for her but still she gets attracted and changes herself so that she can be with him. Later on when both them get breakup, the girl is left out lonely even more than when she was craving to be with the boy before. Though this is a breakup song, but still there are a number of girls who have this song as their favorite ones.

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The Story of Us

This song can be said to be a romantic as well as a sad song where the singer is conveying her feeling about the fear of losing someone whom she loves so dearly. May be there is nothing left in between the two, but still the girl is not wanting to lose her love. There are a number of sentences in the song that will make you feel about the emotions to be conveyed such as the one that says ‘I used to think one day we would tell the story of us how we met and the sparks flew instantly’. Listening to this song with its amazing lyrics and background music will definitely make you fall in love with it and also with Taylor Swift.

The way I loved you

If you are a lover of love songs, then this song is a perfect thing for you. Girls, if you have not heard this song before, listen to it, understanding each word of the song and surely you are going to love it.