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10 best talent hunt TV competitions in India  


Daily soaps and serials are an important element of entertainment in India, especially for women who are homemakers. But now slowly, this craze of serials has also been replaced by a new genre that is the talent hunt shows. The reality shows are now becoming so famous slowly that by now there are a number of shows that are coming up.

The excitement to know about how a few ordinary people from the crowd get auditioned and selected for a competition is enough to keep all eyes glued to the television sets. Also, these talent hunt shows have also found new ways of earning revenues such as by SMS voting systems.

The Great India Laughter Challenge

Laughter keeps a very special place not only in India but almost all over the world. The talents hunt show ‘The Great Indian Laughter Challenge’ has made this fact even more real with its amazing days. It was after this particular show that other laughter talent shows started coming up. The show started up on the channel Star One and was a huge hit.

The show was able to bring up some of the rarest talents from the country who has become some great comedians by now. Not only India but the show also encouraged fresh talents from other neighboring countries such as Pakistan to take part in the show.

Sa Re Ga Ma Pa

India is known for its artistic culture. Hence, by now there are a number of such talent shows where candidates can show their artistic side such as the music competition shows. Sa Re Ga Ma Pa is one of such music talent hunt shows that came up on the channel Zee TV.

The show started getting so popular that after three seasons of senior singing competition, it also came up with a junior competition known as the Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Lil Champs. In both the formats, the judges select a few singers from the crowd through audition and then the winner is selected by public voting, where each day one candidate gets eliminated.

MTV Roadies

This is one of such talent hunt show that started a craze among the teenagers about stunts and adventures. The channel MTV came up this concept of the show Roadies, and later it became so popular that it came every year with different twists.

The concept of the show is all about stunts and difficult, adventurous challenges. The audition round to select the Roadies are also quite difficult where the candidates have to pass by the stress questions by the judges. These selected candidates start their journey and each day has to pass new challenges. With regular evictions, at the end the winner is decided.

Kaun Banega Crorepati

If talked about reality shows, then you cannot miss out this particular game show. Kaun Banega Crorepati is a game show that comes on the channel Star Plus and has been hosted by both Amitabh Bachchan and Shahrukh Khan.

Every day 10 people are selected from the general crowd based on the contest thrown. These ten people again compete on air to be the person sitting on the hot seat to play the game. The game is about 15 questions that you have to answer correctly to win various price amounts.

This show also got so famous that there was a time when everyone at home used to wait for the show to sit and watch it together.

Dance India Dance

As said before India has art in its soul. Not only music but dance is also one of the main arts that India has to show. Every year thousands of candidates get inspired and start learning different forms of dancing styles. Dance India Dance or DID can be said to be the very first dancing reality talent hunt show on Indian television.

This is not only the first show for dance but also one of the best shows till date. With the help of very strict auditions, some of the best dancers in the country are selected to take part in the talent hunt show. Again among these dancers, each day one candidate is evicted to get the winner at the end based on the performances, judge’s scores, and public voting.

Indian Idol

If talked about the singing talent hunt shows in India, one name that comes immediately to everyone’s mind is the Indian Idol. This show is based on the concept of the famous American Idol and by now has been one of the most popular music talent hunt shows of India.

Some of the best singers and musicians of the Bollywood Industry judge the show to get the best singers for the show.

Jhalak Dikhla Ja

Though this show is not for the general public but still it can be categorized among the reality talent hunt shows. This super and sensational dancing talent hunt show is judged by three of the best performers in the Bollywood industry, and the competition is among some of the famous celebrities.

MTV Splitsvilla

Recently, one of the famous talent hunts shows that have become popular among youths after MTV Roadies is the MTV Splitsvilla. This show is all about relationships and matured thinking. A few boys and girls are selected after auditions and then these have to play the game in couples.

There are a number of challenges where the made up couples may fall for each other or may start hating each other also at times. The last winning couple wins, but there are always a number of twists to enjoy the show.

Khatron ke Khiladi

Again this is a celebrity reality talent show where the main concept is an adventure. The celebrities who participate in this show have to perform difficult stunts each day competing each other. One best thing about this show is that there is no public voting; rather the eviction takes place purely on the basis of results.

India’s Got Talent

This reality show is an exception. There are no particular criteria of this show, and the candidates who participate can perform any talent in which they are good at. This show has also got famous since last few years because sometimes such talents are performed that you would have never heard of before.



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