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10 Best health tracker mobile app


Fitness cannot be obtained in a single day or in a week. Neither, has a venomous spider bit you, nor are you from a different plant and you definitely, do not have super powers. All these truly take away from you the glory of looking and feeling fitter and stronger. In the case that you want to be fitter, you cannot restrict yourself to just reading about it or searching a way to the best ways to get fit. To achieve your aim, you have to make exercise a part of your life and follow it with utmost devotion. It cannot be done for a day and left with the hope to be practiced later.

Exercise is like meditation; it brings calmness to the body and helps it rejuvenate. It gives you the best source of energy and mental and physical relaxation. Fitness must not become your aim, but your lifestyle. This does not mean that you have to be a part of vigorous workout routines. The key here is to perform small exercises and continue doing them. Thanks to modern technology, we can now attain the level of fitness we are willing to. Fitness crazy app developers are continually launching some of the best mobile applications that help you track your health. Whether you are aiming to lose or gain weight, increase your jog time, influence muscle growth or just take a power workout in your home itself, these apps can help you with each and every one of these targets. Health tracker mobile apps can be a great addition to your workout regimen.

The top 10 best health tracker mobile apps for a fitter you:

As, mentioned above, there are multiple apps in the app market that you may choose to better your fitness quotient and all over health. Yet, there are a few that are constantly dedicated to making your workout experience not only better but also motivating you to achieve higher goals in your exercise session. Some of the best fitness mobile apps in the market that are trending the gyms and your workout areas in your home are-

#1: Zombies, Run

If you are one of those people, who prefer sitting in front of the TV or computer screens, playing away on your Xbox, then this application can get you off of there and get you running. The application is a running exercise that has been disguised in the form of an audio adventure. The game has a bunch of zombies chasing you. You have to outrun them to be able to move onto the next level. Here, running does not imply to your character running in the application, but it is you who has to be running on the treadmill, or off it. In any which way, it is a very engaging app that helps you both complete and monitor your runs every day.

Zombie Run Health Tracker App

#2: The Walk

Zombies, Run can be a lot of fun for a lot of people, but it might just be too hard on your back or knees. That does not mean you leave your fitness stranded on your couch. There is an alternative to running and that comes with The Walk. It follows a similar format to Zombies, Run (without the zombies of course) and tries to add a bit of fun to your regular morning or evening walk.

#3: Vida Health Coach

Personal trainers and health coaches can be a serious investment, and it is because of this heavy expenditure that people stay away from appointing one. With the Vida health Coach, you get your personal trainer, who helps you achieve your fitness goals. A one to one relationship is established between you and your coach, who you can speak to once in a week.

#4: UP Coffee

The app is solely compatible with iPhone. The job of the phone is to calculate the level of caffeine intake by you, in a day and derive the amount of sleep you have been losing because of it. Post the calculation of both these characters, the app decides how much exercise your body needs to balance the caffeine.

#5: Touchfit GSP

This specific application is an intelligent addition to the world of health tracker mobile apps. The app is used to design 20, 40 or 60 mins workout sessions for you, depending on the exercises you mark as- tough, easy and need to learn.

#6: Strava

Strava is one of the best apps, when it comes to taking high-speed activities like walking, running, cycling, etc. Measure your activity level every day to race with yourself.

#7: Spotify

Spotify spots the best music to play in your ears while you work out. It detects the tempo of your workout and then finds and plays a song, that matches that specific thus giving you a further boost to carry on.

#8: Runtastic Six-pack Abs

Whether you are looking forward to losing the tummy or tightening up to meet the shape of six pack abs, the Runtastic Six Pack Abs can give you just that. The application provides solid training tactics that tighten your midsections in absolutely no time.

#9: Runmeter

Different people run at different speeds and like their workouts customized to their specific liking. That is exactly what the Runmeter allows you to do. It caters you with a whole bunch of data about your run or workout, and every bit of it is customizable. Add the features you want and remove the ones that do not apply to you. All in all, it is a great way to make a good workout routine for you.

#10: My Fitness Pal

Apart from exercises there is also another important thing that affects our health. Unhealthy eating habits can lead to unhealthy conditions. This app tracks all that we eat and then calculates the exact type of exercises to perform and the time limit for them.

For people who are looking forward to bring Healthy back to their life, these top 10 best health tracker mobile apps will help you achieve just that.



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