10 Best Haunted Places in Chennai You Should Never Visit



Cars travel through the two-lane trial section of NW 8th Avenue just east of NW 34th Street in Gainesville on November 21st. The blacked-out lines from the previous setup are still visible.

Ghosts or no ghosts-the controversy has long been raging in the minds of the people. There are various attitudes towards the existence of paranormal beings, and this has led to a lot of excitement among the young people. They try out something new, suppose visiting a so-called haunted house to get a strange feeling or researchers who go out for ghost hunting. Even if you do not believe in ghosts, there are certain elements that have not yet been explained by science, and they continue to haunt people. If you are in Chennai, there are certain places that are highly recommended not to be visited, even with your friends. Here is the list of the Haunted Places in Chennai. Better keep away from a bit of risky adventure.

  1. Blue Cross Road:

    Cars travel through the two-lane trial section of NW 8th Avenue just east of NW 34th Street in Gainesville on November 21st. The blacked-out lines from the previous setup are still visible.All sorts of suicides and paranormal activities have made this place noted for its dangers. After it gets dark, people are hardly seen here. The place is shrouded by a canopy of trees, and this makes it look even gloomier than it really is. People have heard voices calling them from the back, turning around to find nothing and figures that look like shadows disappearing into the air. All these are happening here after a chain of suicides, and there are shadowy figures that people see at night and those disappear into nowhere after a while.


  1. Karikattu Kuppam Karikattukuppam

    Following the great Tsunami in 2006, this stretch of the ECR Road has turned haunted. There had been a lot of deaths in the disaster and people prefer keeping away from here during the nocturnal hours. There has been a series of incidents involving paranormal activities since the last ten years, and this has led to the isolation of the place. Even the temples remain empty after darkness.

  2. Besant Avenue Road: 02dcadyr_i-love_02_1474180g

    There is no issue with this road when it is the day. All the spirits are said to creep out in the darkness. People commit suicides here out of no reason; vehicles face accidents and people walking down the place feel unpleasant forces urging them to get distracted. With all these paranormal activities, people have regarded this place as one of the most haunted places in Chennai.

  1. Anna Flyovers:

    In every major city in India, there is at least one haunted bridge or flyover. Take the instance of the Nager Bazar Flyover in Kolkata, where driver faces white and shadowy strangers stopping their cars. The flyover in Chennai is no exception, and there is always some kind of bad happening over here. It is either suicide or accident, and there are plenty of them to put on the statistics. The most surprising element is that people travelling in cars late in the night have heard strange noises, which they believe to be the spirits calling out to them.

  2. Two Lane East Coast Road
    This is really a serious issue. People have seen shadowy figures and girls dressed in white in the middle of the road. One particular incident involves the driver seeing a shady figure appearing out of the air in the middle of the road. The car met an accident while the driver was trying to stop the car, so that the girl would not be injured. Surprisingly, the figure disappeared in a while, and the driver landed up in the hospital.
  3. BrokenBridge: broken-bridge-besant-nagar-wordpress

    Ruined areas are good places for ghosts to dwell, and if you come across the broken bridge, you will really get the feeling. The place is located near the Adyar River. The place is deserted, and the ruins of the bridge give a lively look to the place. You may find it to be a good place for shooting, but in reality, it is not good reason to be happy about. Suicides and undesired happenings are a regular matter here, and it is better to keep away from here.


  1. De Monte Colony31MP_DEMONTE33_2602937g

    This is a haunted colony full of bungalows and gigantic constructions. But you will not be able to resist the nocturnal spookiness that crops out every night out of the darkness. The place is said to be haunted by the colonies’ own people, and they have even seen John, the owner of the bungalow in the darkness, who was deceased several years ago. The place is located at Mary’s Road and is a place avoided by the folk.

  2. Madras Christian CollegeEPTB05MCCPHOTO_02_854658g

    This is rich in paranormal activities. People have found the windows to rattle without the least presence of breeze, utensils to fall out of the shelves out of no reason and saucers to drop out of the table on their own. This is one of the scariest places that you must not try to visit at night. Apart from the spookiness, there is something else that will make your jaws drop. The place has a great history of unpleasant activities like suicides, failure in love affairs and murders. All these combine to create an atmosphere of spookiness that scares the visitors out of their skins.

  3. Valmiki Nagar

    valmiki 066This is located in an isolated place around ten km from the airport in Chennai. The place is vacant for the last decade since the daughter of the owner of the mansion died. The house is located on Dr Ambedkar Road. The people never buy this house due to the force of the evil spirit who dwells in this house. Some people have also heard a girl crying out for help.

  4. St Thomas Mount 2495-19458-chennai_st_thomas_mount_church

    This place is really something that will give you goosebumps. Located away from the main city, every passing second seems to be suffocating and even in the daylight, one can feel something awkward with the place. You should never try it out if you are weak at heart.

All these are popular places in terms of spookiness and people sometimes visit them to find out the real experience. However, all you need to remember is that you should proceed at your own risk!

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