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10 best Fitness or Nutrition Documentaries


A fit body is the workshop of healthy mind and soul. In order to maintain your fitness, it is necessary to consume healthy food items along with doing some exercises. In case you are well informed and understand better the actual place from where food comes from along with the necessary food items to be eaten will make the fitness process easy.

Eat Healthy, Think Better

Knowing the proper way of eating those healthy food items will let you stay healthy for a long time. At the same time, supporting the environment along with enjoying a responsible food system continues to be an ongoing and pretty challenge. It is all about the talent of filmmakers who have been successful in packaging up the important food issues into entertaining documentaries hence enhancing the level of interest up to a certain extent.

People demanding food items without pink slime need to know the concept of pink slime and its existence. For your kind information, documentaries hold the ability to bring the real picture of the factory in front of general public along with revealing the reality associated with:

  • Corn fields
  • Food Science lab

10 Best Fitness or Nutrition Documentaries

These documentaries will contribute truly to the imparting of crystal clear concept regarding each and every field in a natural manner. Some of the best and highly recognized 10 best fitness or nutrition documentaries that have been successful in instigating people to eat healthy and stay fit for life long can be explained below in  nutshell as under:

  1. Supersize Me – Released in 2003, this documentary has been known to be highly critically acclaimed ones in order to shed a bright light on the industries dealing with fast food items. The director of this documentary has been successful in investigating the effects of fast food on the human system. Also, the process associated with making their products publically popular especially targeting the children has also been duly depicted.

  1. Bigger, Faster, Stronger – This documentary has been released in 2008 which goes in depth to explore the actual length up to which the modern athletes  go with a due effort to win the match. Even the use and abuse of drug enhanced performance has also been depicted. A fantastic job has been performed by the director in order to show how the obsession gets bigger, faster and stronger is on the way of becoming a by-product for winning by any means.

  1. Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead – Released in 2010, it has been recognized to be a favorite. Apart from being heart touching and mind blowing, it has been incredible in reflecting the real and inspiring story. A wide number of films, articles, and investigation reports on obesity exist which reflect somber statistic in relation o epidemic. This film also tells us about the various part of human body.

  1. Ingredients – This film released in 2009 aims to answer and explain the comparison facts about the current industrialized food system as well as the grassroots local growth movement. It begins answering from the source, i.e., the local farmers. The life of the local farmer is really an appreciating one. The film also reflects the way local restaurants and grocery stores support local growth movement with surprising results.

  1. Tapped – Before twisting off another cap of bottle water, you will definitely owe to watch the exposing of the business of bottling. Following the suit with the recent food documentaries, this film has been known to follow the trail of the supply related to bottled water before in use and after the disposition of the same. Must see!

  1. The Future of Food – This film has been known to investigate a highly controversial topic which is all about the increasingly common usage associated with biotechnology during agriculture. It reflects the fact that both Biotechnology, as well as genetically modified food, do not form the stuff of science fiction. Though they are not among the harsh realities, chances exist that you may find the same in your refrigerator itself.

  1. Food Matters – It has been aptly remarked by learned men that good health makes a lot of sense instead of making a lot of dollars. This film has been considered to be the opening line related to food matters. It also reflects the fact that obesity seems to be among the endless ramifications of the industrialized food items. Doctors, naturopaths, and nutritionists have shown the devastating effects of food as well as medicine. One can improve personal health along with changing the systematic level.  

  1. What’s On Your Plate– Released in 2009, this film is especially a good one to watch especially for children as it follows two eleven-year-old kids. They had been investigating and interviewing those involved in the modern food supply. Ranging from farmers, politics and school officials the kids have been asking questions which had been inspiring for the viewers and parents who took their children to watch the movie.

  1. King Corn – This particular documentary had been compiled and released in 2007 is both an entertaining as well as sobering one. The movie is all about two children who move to the Midwest to plant an acre of corn and finally follow their crop throughout the farming process. They had also been successful in uncovering some powerful lessons on modern farming and genetic usage of modified seeds, pesticides and role of government in production and distribution of subsidized grain. The staggering amount of products made from this particular ingredient is also astonishing.

  1. Food Inc. – This documentary released in 2008 is considered the mother of all documentaries as it covers the modern day food industry. The filmmaker has been successful in exposing the darkness associated with the food industry hence uncovering the cozy relationship between both food industry and big business. It has described in a precise manner all about the actual place from where the food purchased in the grocery store comes from.  Those who were blind, it served as an eye-opener for all.

These documentaries have contributed in educating the people about fitness and nutrition in a proper manner.



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