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10 Best Depressing Songs of All Time


Depressing tunes are, paradoxically, very exciting to hear oftentimes. Particularly if you have experienced your heart damaged and you may sit and wail along. These depressing songs are epic within the proportions of their misery; one of these continues to be virtually charged with inciting suicide. When you are getting to that particular stage having a song, you realize you’re onto a great melancholy fest. Hopefully, this list consists of some sorrowful tunes you are aware of ‘love’. If you wish to lead your personal depressing tunes below, hopefully, we are able to obtain a part two list choosing much more misery to wallow too.

#1 Sylvia’s Mother – Dr. Hook

The depressing song handles a youthful guy who’s pestering Mrs. Avery to allow him to talk to her daughter Sylvia that he’d experienced rapport with. The connection split up and today he’s pleading to speak with Sylvia, who’s on the point of leave town and visit Galveston, Texas where she’ll marry another guy. He’s not successful in the badgering of Mrs. Avery; he is able to hear her speaking to Sylvia, but he never reaches talk to Sylvia them self.

10 Best Depressing Songs of All Time

#2 Total Eclipse of the Heart – Bonnie Tyler

Apparently the nation’s favorite depressing song to sing within the shower also it was my late father’s favorite song, Total Eclipse of the Heart is really a depressing energy ballad component excellence written and created by Jim Steinman for Welsh chanteuse Bonnie Tyler’s album Quicker Than the rate of Evening. It had been launched in 1983 striking the main place both in America and Britain. I believe I just read something years back concerning the song costing a lot of money to create.

#3 At 17 – Janis Ian

The song is essentially a lament about becoming an ugly duckling at senior high school and every one of the misery it brings. This requires being alone, inventing men, not selected for that basketball team.

#4 She’s Lost Control – Pleasure Division

Classic gloom mongering song from Pleasure Division which made an appearance and it was recorded several occasions from 1978-1981 and turned up within their seminal album Unknown Pleasures. The title of the song was known to within the film biopic of Pleasure Division singer Ian Curtis that was titled Control.

#5 The Forest – Bruce Springsteen

Essentially the narrator develops from a conservative small town, and economic occasions are difficult. He likes going “down towards the river” together with his sweetheart Mary and swimming in the river together with her after which getting jiggy by using it.

#6 Strange Fruit – Billie Holiday

Time Magazine referred to it as the very best song from the twentieth century. It had been initially a poem compiled by a whitened Jewish school teacher known as Abel Meeropol who had been a Communist Party member and originated from the Bronx. He was disgusted in the lynchings of African People in America within the deep south of the USA and also the poem was his method of indicating his extreme antipathy towards that crime. He set the poem to music also it grew to become something of the protest song.

#7 Tell Laura I Really Like Her – Ray Billings/Ough Valence

Teenage tragedy song that taken the public’s imagination in 1960 with various versions originating from Ray Billings and Richie Valence.

#8 Ruby Don’t Bring Your Like to Town – Kenny Rogers

Kenny Rogers sings this depressing little ditty in regards to a guy who’s paralyzed after getting involved in “that old crazy Asian war.” The song was designed in 1967, so it’s very probable that he’s mentioning to Vietnam.

#9 Hurt – NIN/Johnny Cash

The song was passed into legend by Johnny Cash’s version in 2002. Trent Reznor confesses he thought the thought of Cash since the song was a little ‘gimmicky’ however the version blew him away. I believe that his rough vocals and many years of difficulty with addiction express the lyrics and also the sentiment from the song superbly.

#10 Gloomy Sunday – Billie Holiday

The depressing song, recorded by Paul Whitened, was extremely popular in Hungary but was associated with a rash of suicides. Hordes of individuals were jumping into the Danube transporting the written music. The government bodies in Hungary were sufficiently concerned to prohibit public performances from the song.



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