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10 best companies to work in India – Google is second, which is first ?


Employees are the asset for a company. A company should be able to with hold an employee for smooth operation and growth. The employee withhold is not a jiffy process these days where the competitive companies would put a hawk eye and grab the best employees from the company offering more salaries and comforts. A best company to work should possess the qualities like good environment, good understanding with employees, salary, work satisfaction and especially less pressure at times. The iteration rate is much higher in many companies when compared to last year. The companies are pushing HR managers to come up with more and more employee benefit plans which would help them to withhold the employee who is really potential. This is the list of those top 10 best companies to work in India. The surprising thing is there are not many IT firms in the list, may be this is one of the eye-opener which guide current generation to look into production industry than service industry.

10) Life Style International Pvt Ltd

Industry : Retail and clothing                Number of Employees : 10,820

This retail sector firm has understood the employee problems in a very precised manner. It has granted enough paid leaves to the people and with its special counselling sessions it has made sure that their employees doesn’t carry that pressure factor. This company has recognized and rewarded the talent firmly.

9) Forbes Marshall Pvt Ltd

Industry : Manufacturing and Production               Number of Employees : 1,417

Job satisfaction to its employees is the prime key for this company making into the list. It has encouraged its employees towards R&D and its pay scales are relatively high than the industry average.

8) Accor hotels India

Industry : Hospitality                 Number of Employees : 3690

This firm has many employment benefits like free trips and stay in their hotels. The company made sure that Employees preferences were also taking into consideration for any key decision of company. It rewarded its staff who has contributed a good work with shares in company.

7) Intuit Technology Pvt Ltd

Industry : information technology                 Number of Employees : 890

Holding this small number of employees is very tough especially for a IT firm. Intuit is successful in it. The employees said that flexibility in work and less pressure even on high time makes this company the best place to work.

6) Godrej Consumers Products ltd

Industry : Manufacturing and Production                Number of Employees : 2,228

Encouraging their employees toward innovations and giving respect to their ideas is the key factor for this company. The company is also offering aid and scholarships to its employees children education.

5) SAP labs India

Industry : Information Technology                Number of Employees : 4,844

Recreation at office, monthly increments for deserving candidates, parties and outings and enjoyable work place, so do you think there is some reason why this company shouldn’t stand at 5 in this list.

4) American Express India

Industry : Banking and Credit services                Number of Employees : 9,036

The talent is never faded out in this company. The employees are not asked to extend their work hours and company encourages work from home culture a lot. American Express offers its employees many benefits like bonus and very attractive health insurance etc.,

3) Marriott Hotels Pvt Ltd

Industry : Hospitality                Number of Employees : 6,500

This firm never hesitates to give bonus to the deserving candidates. The pays they get here are very high than market average. They are entitled to take vacation leaves and company will pay for their bills. The mentioned are very less in reality the company offers a lot.

2) Google India

Industry : Information Technology                Number of Employees : 1,678

The dream destination for every software employer. You work, you play, you eat, you sleep, you hop or you jump no one is ever going to ask you. The payrolls and bonus are added advantages.

1) RMSI Pvt Ltd

Industry : Information Technology                Number of Employees : 842

This small though strong firm personally addresses the problems of employees no matter whatever are they. The employee centric plans make sure that no employee is ever suffering from depression and pressure. The employees of this company says that there is never a bad day in RMSI.




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