10 best cafe in delhi every teenager or college student must visit


Age 18-24,is the age when you get fully grown up, and realize that classroom studies are of no use and start bunking your college lectures. But when the lecture is bunked ,the first question that comes in the mind is “ ab kahan chalna hai?”;”ab kya karna hai?”;”kahan khaane chalna hai?” !!!

To bring answers to above questions here I bring the list of top 10 cheap and best cafe in delhi for college going students and I bet no other cafe can be better than these:-


ccd taj

This is commonly known as TAJ CCD because of being right opposite to taj hotel and is one chilling place for south campus peeps. The location of TAJ CCD is such that it makes it a central place for all in the south campus be it JMC, Maitrey, Venky, RLA etc. This particular outlet unlike others is very different and very big and is in the open although the trees behind provide a beautiful shade to it. The food is the same as that of the other CCD’s although it takes a bit time to place the order here since the place is always mostly occupied. Mostly college students are found here that makes the area very joyful and positive, also some corporate people are found having a smoke with coffee. This place is even better at night with all the beautiful lights and creats an amazing aura for just having a coffee and chilling.




Well this cafe ,being situated in CP, is famous for its variety in chai’s, and thin crust sandwitches and beautiful ambience. The special thing about this café is that it is opened in a bookstore.

Well as a saying go, “never judge a book by its cover”, cha bar should not be judged for being a bookstore.

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Cha bar will surprise you. It is a small package hiding big surprises for you. The place is on every one’s mouth because of its huge variety of teas and other beverages. There’s nothing much to eat in there but the cakes are standout and are in the list to try.

Although its crowded for most of the time with college futchas but is a very nice place to spend time with someone.



Kunzum cafe ,situated in hauz khas ,is a very laid back ,calm and relaxed feel giving cafe. Take a seat, a tiny pot of black coffee reaches you along with powdered milk ,sugar and mugs. Take the coffee the way you like. There are amazingly thin and chewy biscuits along with it, which taste amazing and best part is ,biscuits are unlimited and complimentary. There are number of bookshelves filled with books on photography and travel ,also they provide free wifi. Then you can pay as much as you like Rs 50, Rs 500 etc whatever you want.

This place is perfect if you want some piece and quiet.



Big yellow door ,have 2 branches in delhi ,one in north campus and other in south campus. The ambience of this cafe is exceptionally well designed and is a must visit place. It’s a popular student destination for pocket friendly food. It deals in providing best of Italian and street food stuff. This cafe is famous for its BYD CHEESE BOMB BURGER,CHEESY NACHOS MEXICAN, AND  BUTTER CHICKEN PASTA, apart from snacks  beverages like ROCKY RODE SHAKE , CHOCOLATE BROWNIE SHAKE are a must have.


The first thing you notice in this cafe is ‘The wall’, a collage of movie posters , pictures of famous personalities and funny quotes. It gives the place a contemporary look and really catches your attention.

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The place is bright and colourful and it lightens up your mood.

MOMOS(tandoori) is all you hear from your fellows as a single word explanation for this place . apart from momos ; honey chilli potato, crispy chilli vegetables and monster shake is a must try.



Another great cafe in Hudson lane area. A good restro serving tasty food at reasonable prices. Pasta , peri peri pizza, burger, fries , waffles, red velvet , corn and cheese steak peri peri , triple dip home fries, veggie burst burger and paneer tikka calzone are all worth having.

I bet you’ll not regret your decision of visiting ricos. Food is cheap considering the Hudson lane standards and the quality of food served at ricos! Service is nice and the place if fully packed most of the times.

In short, it’s a place you should really visit once.



As the name suggest, this cafe is easy to locate, as a half of a scooter is stuck on the outer wall. Though the place is small, but the décor is really nice. The décor has been artificially done with books hanging from the ceiling and swings for chairs and a low seating area. In difference to other café ,this café serves water in pitcher type thick bottles with mint leaves adding a fresh flavor to it.

Famous attractions:- veg wagon platter( consisting of mash potatoes, paneer shashik, French fries, potato wedges, onion rings, potato croquettes, garlic breag, spaghetti pasta and dip), makhani pasta(heavenly combi of penne into butter masala gravy), shakes in pitcher bottles with whipped cream above it.

The rates here are very nominal. The food and hospitality here makes it a place that I would definitely recommend.

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Its actually not a cafe, but people call it so. Its an open superb eating point, completely new ,giving big restaurants a run for their money. It is located on the backside of one of NSP’s building,though difficult to find, but once found ,I bet you’ll become a fan of its food coz that’s the kind of taste it leaves in your mouth. Sitting is an issue here, but when the deal is with best of food, who cares about sitting! This place is famous for it pasta, cheesy nachos and variety of shakes.



Wow! Momos , located in kamla nagar, a franchise of Kolkata based company, is a casual resto that serves multi cuisine food like Chinese , north Indian and mughlai. This restaurant has become distinctively famous for its chicken momos, moburger and chocolate momos. It has an excellent interior set up and a very healthy youthful environment.



Previously known as keventers, it is one of the best known places in CP that’s been going on and on year after year. That’s because of the quality and legacy of the place. This café is famous for its heavenly shakes with amazing flavours. Best of shakes here are chocolate and butterscotch shake served in cute trendy glass bottles. All shakes here are good to taste with good quantity and rightly priced.