10 best batsman in T20 cricket 2022


The craze of T20 cricket matches has now spread over different countries. Different players play for various teams in different countries. If you are looking for the best batsman in T20 cricket 2015 series, then you should first have a look at the criteria over which these best players are chosen.

  • Best players are those who have scored more than 2000 runs in all types of T20 games.
  • The mean average of the best T20 cricket batsman should be 29.08.
  • The mean strike-rate of the best batsman should be 128.83.
  • A player who has achieved both mean average of 29.08 and mean strike-rate of 128.83 should be considered as to be among the best cricketers of T20 cricket.
  • The best cricketers are then rated in the rating of 10 and are ranked accordingly from lower to highest.

Quinton de Kock


Quinton de Kock is one of the emerging international cricket stars of the T20 cricket series. He is known to have a strike rate of about 132.92 in his some of the best innings played for the team Highveld Lions. The South African player started up his career with an immensely low performance but improved over the time and now is known for his games in T20 crickets.

Kieron Pollard


Kieron Pollard is again one of the finest cricketers of T20 cricket series who comes from Caribbean Islands. In the Champions League of 2009, he is known to have played to score 54 runs against 18 balls when playing against New South Wales Blues. He is known to be one of the hardest batsmen with a strike rate of about 153.75. During IPL of 2013, the batsman scored 60 runs out of 32 balls. Along with being one of the finest batsmen, Kieron Pollard is also known to be one of the most outstanding fielders.

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David Warner


The Australian opening batsman is also one of the finest players of T20 cricket to have a strike rate of about 141.18. He is known for his amazing and innovative strokeplay and this is what makes him stand in the list of the best cricketers. He is also such cricketer who can hit sixes as per his will and this was seen in the Champions League of 2011, where he scored centuries after centuries for New South Wales. No doubt he has to be among the best cricketers of T20 cricket series all over the world.

Andrew Symonds


Andrew Symonds was born in Birmingham, though cannot be named as one of the best cricketers but can be no doubt named as one of the best cricket players in T20 cricket matches. He is known for his amazing striking rate of 147.35 in 100 balls. Along with many few, he is also one of the hardest hitting batsmen in T20 cricket match series till date. One of the most amazing performances of Symonds was seen in IPL where he scored 117 runs in just 63 balls against the Rajasthan Royals team.

Brad Hodge


Brad Hodge is again one of the most effective players of T20 cricket series and is known to have a strike rate of about 130.71. He joined the IPL team Rajasthan Royals in the year 2012 and is known to be in second number for run scoring just after Chris Gayle. Brad Hodge can be said among one such player who has played immensely to secure its team from the worst situations. It was in the year 2013, when he scored 54 and remained not out and helped his team Rajasthan Royals to defeat Sunrisers Hyderabad in order to step into the next level of IPL.

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Suresh Raina


It can be that the Indian cricketer Suresh Raina is a legend in the T20 cricket match series. The batsman has a strike rate of about 141.96 and has an average mean of about 35.19. He is also known to be only one Indian player who has scored a century in the T20 international series. Suresh Raina joined his team Chennai Super Kings in the year 2008 and since then has not a single match. This year in 2015, he scored a masterpiece of 87 in just 25 balls that are now considered as one of the best innings in the history of IPL cricket series.

MS Dhoni


MS Dhoni is one of the finest Indian skippers with the strike rate of about 136.59 over 100 balls. He is again one of those batsmen who can hit sixes at his own will. He is a great combination of being the best baller, batsmen and also a wicketkeeper. There are a number of times when his performance has remained crucial and based on his performance his team got rescued from some of the worst situations.

Shaun Marsh


Though the strike rate of Shaun Marsh is about of 129.91, but still also he has the ability to strike about 616 runs in just about 11 games. He is a part of the IPL team Kings XI Punjab and in the year 2011, he is known to have scored about 504 runs in about 14 matches with a strike rate of about 146.51. Though somehow the cricketer was not able to make his permanent presence in Australian T20 series, but has of course shown great performance in IPL.

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David Miller


The middle order player is from the IPL team Kings XI Punjab. Along with the team member Glenn Maxwell, he has always remained a deadly combo for the team that can stand firm against any team. The player has a strike rate of about 139.65 in 100 balls and obviously the 25 years player is expected to improve more in further matches.

1)Chris Gayle


He is one of the most deadly players of the T20 cricket series. The player from Jamaica has a strike rate that is of about 146.66 in 100 balls and also has an average mean of about 41.72. He is also known to have the highest score of about 175 and still not out in IPL that he scored for the IPL team Royal Challengers Bangalore. Like many other players, Gayle started his career with lower performance but over the time came up to be the one of the best T20 players.