10 beauty tips for teenage girls

Girl scared of pimples

As a teenager there must be a number of things happening in your life, all of which are new. Prom, date nights, high school, it can be quite stressful, especially, when you need to look pretty all the time.

Many girls sacrifice the natural health of their skin and hair to look pretty. Beauty lies in your natural assets. It is important to maintain their original state if not better them, even when using cosmetics and other beautifying agents. Improper handling of skin and hair health may lead to further deterioration in the adult years.

10 essential beauty tips for every teenage girl:

You will find a whole bunch of beauty tips online. The question is which to trust and which not to. The trick lies in following the tips that are natural, easy to practice and common to all skin types. This saves you the fear of opting for tips that are not meant for your skin or hair and damaging them in the process.

Here are some of the best, easy and most authentic; beauty tips that feel make you feel beautiful, without harming your skin-

#1 Dealing with that Acne

One of the most recognised problems of those teenage years is that of acne. There are a whole bunch of home remedies that you can opt for to get rid of acne. It is always advisable to not opt for cosmetic products as they might vary from skin to skin and increase the issue rather than subsiding it.


One of the most popular and natural acne remedies includes mixing one part of apple cider vinegar with two parts of water and applying it to the affected region. Continue to practice this process at least twice every week and you will bid goodbye to acne within a month. There are also other home remedies that you might try; these include- a cinnamon- honey mask, milk- honey- yogurt mask, egg whites, orange peel paste, etc. All these remedies are both easy to acquire and low in cost as compared to the cosmetic cures.

In the case that you are unable to find a solution to your acne, even with these brilliant home remedies, it is the time that you take medical help. Consult an expert dermatologist on the issue to find the best guidance and most efficient cure.

#2 – Oily hair Problem?

With so much pollution around, it is but natural to end up with an oily scalp, even if you do not have one. One of the best ways to get rid of this issue is shampooing with an oil free shampoo every alternate day.


You can also dust baby powder onto your scalp to have it soak up all the excess oil. Wash it off with some smooth shampoo later, to have silky, non-oily hair.

#3 – Trim your hair

One of the best ways to maintain the natural health of your hair is by trimming it as often as thrice a year. This prevents the formation of dead ends and also saves your hair from the lanky look.


#4- Keep the heat away

One of the main reasons that hair loses its natural lustre and shine is due to the overexposure to heat. Not only you, but almost all teenagers are in the habit of blow drying their hair on a regular basis, or using curling iron and straighteners. The excess heat emitted by these devices kill the cells in the hair and makes them look dry and lifeless.


#5 – Deep conditioning

One of the best ways to regain the lost health of your once beautiful hair is through deep conditioning. Experts, advice everyone, to use conditioners, after every hair wash. This nourishes the hair and the scalp and gives it the needed proteins, vitamins and oils that it was missing out on.

One of the best natural moisturisers is olive oil. Heat up a few tablespoon of olive oil in a bowl and apply it to the roots, followed by a massage, to bring out the most efficient results. You may, shampoo after an hour or so of the message to get naturally shiny hair.


#6 – Layered hair looks great

Whether you want to give some volume to your hair, give it a new style or make it more manageable, one of the best hairstyle to opt for is the long layers. They do all of the above-mentioned things for you while making you look exceptionally stylish.


#7 – Say no to foundation

However luring may they look, it is best to keep your skin away from the reach of the foundation. Foundation may suit a thirty-year-old woman, but not the vulnerable skin of a teenager. These can any day increase acne and pimples and also lead to you owning a much oily skin.

If you like the foundation effect, a concealer should be an excellent alternative, teamed with face powder.

#8 – Try and avoid makeup as much as possible

The best way to look beautiful is not to overdo anything, and that goes for makeup especially. When you find the liberty to apply makeup, most often teenagers tend to apply the whole box to the face. It is a strict no-no unless you want to look like the circus clown.

#9 – Maintaining a balance

Dark pouty lips, heavy eyelids, deep kohl-rimmed eyes, sparkly eyeshadow, an icing of the foundation, I might just faint imagining all these things together. Balance out your look, emphasizing on each feature from time to time, not at once.

#10 – Use Sunscreen

 Always carry the sunscreen with you and apply some at least half an hour before leaving the house. These will prevent your skin from unwanted tanning, blotches and untimely dark spots.

girl applying sunscreen

The above-mentioned tips are the secret to a great looking you. These are easy to remember and execute. These tips make your life easier while keeping you looking beautiful.