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10 beautiful sports to watch for boys & played by girls


Watching sports has been a leisure time favorite for many people since quite a long time. With so many types of sports now in the world, people have got divided into various sections according to the love of their own favorite sports. Even now there are separate sports for men and women, and this has become a major progress in the sports world. It is not that the modern women cannot compete with the men but still in order to keep things fair it has sports for men and women has been kept separate till date.

One of the major debates that now people may have is that why men love watching sports played by girls. Of course, the love for the game thing is always there but this is also true that men will be always men. They always love watching girls in actions, especially playing their favorite sports in those small and revealing clothes.

Well, by now there are a number of sports that are played by girls, but some of them are enjoyed very much by the men.

American Football


The football game is already a craze for half of the world. Now no doubt football lovers also may have the same liking for the American football for women. The Legends Football League was once known as the Lingerie Football due to the clothes that women do wear while playing the game. Later on this name was removed due to its vulgar interpretation. A strange thing about this game is that the players are not paid anything for the game, and these players do play as a part of their hobby. No doubt the game is not taken that much seriously, but there are also many players in the team who are well experienced and good at the game. Obviously there are some such players also who are there just for the glamor quotient.


This is a saying that men love such girls who are calm and brave. Archery is the correct form of sports that reflect both of these characters of a girl. Not necessary it is that girls taking part in this game has to wear small clothes, but men watch this game for their interest in the game. Maximum of the men watches archery for women to see how women do perform in focus and aiming.


Is it necessary to explain why men do love women athletics? People love seeing well-figured women are showing off their athlete body and performing some of the most difficult stunts. This is the reason why during Olympics or other similar sports occasions, a huge number of viewers crowd up to watch girls showing their talents in athletics.


Now this is the called the one of the hottest games of ever. Basketball has also separate teams of men and women, but the girls team is much popular than the men’s team. You can see some of the most gorgeous looking girls in their smallest attires on the field running after the basketball and trying to basket it. If you ever happen to go to a live basketball game show for girls, you will notice a number of men sitting in the crowd getting wooed, then the number of girls.

Field Hockey

Hockey was not in the picture for many years, till the time girls came up in the game. This shows how much girls can make fan following than the men. Though people have a love for ice hockey more, but if it is for the ladies hockey, then men prefer watching Field Hockey more. Again one of the most glamorous sports, Field Hockey for ladies is seen my men boys for those gorgeous girls in short skirts and pants, getting steaming sweaty running with hockey sticks in their hands.

Figure Skating

If you have not tried watching Figure Skating, simply try it out, and surely you are going to love it. This is one of the most beautiful looking sports where both the boys and girls look absolutely stunning performing their skating skills on the white ice.


Now this is something that a very few people must have noticed but have definitely loved. Golf is mainly a game to be played with patience, focus and confidence. Again like archery, boys love watching ladies playing golf to admire their confidence and focus on themselves as well as the game.


Similar to athletics and figure skating, gymnastics is also one of those sports where men watch to admire their favorite women gymnast’s figure and their deadly performances. This has to be admitted that the performances by a gymnast are something that requires a high amount of dedication and tiresome practice. There are men who love to watch these sports for such performances while there are no doubt always a bundle of men who wish to watch such sports for their own pleasure.


If you are someone who is from a snowy area, must have gone to watching skiing, especially for women. This is still not known why men love to watch skiing for women, but this is true that they do.


Now this game, of course, does not need any kind of special introduction. Worldwide, women tennis championships are much more famous than the men’s championships. The irony is that men watch the women championship in more numbers than the women do. Tennis is similar to Hockey and Football, known for the glamor quotient, but it is more famous than the other two games. People watch the game for the gorgeous girls playing the game in their attractive attires and also the super powerful shots that they play at times. Also no doubt the tantrums and the shrieks thrown by the ladies tennis players are all-time famous all over.

Thus, sports now are being dominated by women players also equally the way men do. Apart from these games, there are many more other games where women take part actively and are famous such as cricket, swimming, and others.

Do you think I missed any sport or added a less deserving one in the list? Well, I would love to know from you.



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