10 annoying things that every Photographer is tired of hearing


If you are a photographer, there are certain stupid comments that you hear which most often frustrates, forcing you to pull out from the place or just pretend as if you’re hearing. Being a photographer, I encountered a few:


10.  Hey! Click my picture…

The most common and annoying thing that a photographer has ever heard. In this situation, photographer would often pretend as if he’s clicking a photo or delete the photo later which he clicked.


9.  You’re not a professional photographer coz you don’t have a degree..

The way you click photos matters a lot. This can also be termed an excuse so that the photographer is forced to charge less fees. Degree just gives you a certificate and nothing else. Thus degree is irrelevant. Amateurs built Facebook and professionals built Titanic. Which lasted longer?


8.  I have a friend who is a photographer and he can do all my work for free!

Of course never.

This is a general code word that are used by friends to hire a professional photographer to get the job done for free. No photographer is interested to do any work for free. They have invested a lot on purchasing the camera. From where would the get back funds?

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7.  You’re invited to my party. You are bringing your camera right?

Ummm… NOPE!

A photographer is also a human being like you. He deserves some sort of break from his work. Don’t expect them to click photos 24/7.


6.  OMG! Your camera clicks very nice pics!

Yeah! I taught it everything.

Don’t be so offensive saying such things to a photographer. It’s not the camera that takes good images – It’s the photographer. Do you ever walk to a chef and say “your stove cooks well”?


5.  Your job is so easy. You just have to click a button all time…

Try walking to a website programmer and say “your job is so easy coz you just have to type all the day”


4.  This photo isn’t so good. Can you Photoshop it to make it look better?

It is not necessary that every photographer should have a good knowledge of Photoshop. A photographer’s job is mainly to click pictures and not do work of a graphic designer. However, few photographers use Photoshop only to give an image a final touch.

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3.  Your job must be easy right? Coz your camera does all the work.

Never insult a photographer saying that. Do you ever walk up to your chef and say “Cooking is so easy right? Coz stove does all the work”?


2.  Is it necessary to give photo credit to the Photographer?

Every photographer spend several hours in photographing, editing and delivering the images to you. A photographer can run more business in case if you give photo credits.


1.  Can you remove that watermark?

Never ask a photographer to remove watermark. There’s a specific reason why they add watermark. Hope you have heard of copyrights.