10 Amazing Ideas To Enjoy Staycations.



True vacations don’t mean to see thousands of places with one pair of eyes the voyage becomes beautiful when we see the same land through hundred different pairs of eyes. So this summer, Staycations are an awesome alternative to vacations as you don’t need any getaway for the break you desperately need. It is a cheap and easy way to get your mind off of your daily grind and the best part is that there is no need to cut off pounds from your annual income for travelling-fare or hotel bills.

Here are The Top 10 Staycation Ideas :

There are awesome staycation ideas to make  cheap vacations and a perfect way to enjoy at home. Instead of waiting  for staycation deals,Plan for cheap vacations. Oh sorry ! I mean Staycations.

1)Bring theater to home: 

The home provides an intimate, inexpensive, comfortable and commonplace for families of all social levels to enjoy classic or newly released movies. Just by sitting on their couch or lying on the bed anyone can enjoy the movie by downloading, borrowing or purchasing the DVDs. The boom of technology allows us to enjoy the all-time favorite movie or series just on a click and we don’t need to go to theaters and stand in long queues to strive for tickets or popcorn.

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2)Make home a treasure island:

If summer bores you at home then discover the gem of fun just by playing treasure hunt games at your home. Call your friends and give your home the makeover of a treasure hunting island by hiding the things at different places and asking your friends to find them.

3)Try home workout: 

Going to the gym and breaking the sweat can have an effect on your pockets but work out at home burns your excess fat without burning your pockets. And body toning can’t be done within a week, it takes the time to maintain a good shape so why not utilize this time. Imagine how cool it will be  not leaving your home you are back to work with a super toned physique everyone would be surprised.

Young Woman Exercising On Mat In Front Of Television

4)Theme party:

Another best thing one can do this summer is to call the friends and enhance the fun of the partying and this simple party idea can be a huge success by putting little effort on planning the theme. A theme party is not only for fun but it offers a good time with the family also. Going out for vacation may exhaust you physically and financially but a party adds spice to the boring staycations.Dont search for staycation deals online, Instead plan for a Theme party.

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5)Develop Yoga skills:


You can have awesome staycations at home by, Honing the right skills during the summer breaks can help a lot. Many people feel that yoga is just stretches, poses and exercise instead it is a great way to relax; it is much more than just exercise because it provides a new dimension to mind body and soul.

6)Read a book

Reading a book may sound old fashioned but it is much better than it sounds. Reading takes us to another world of imagination so find a comfy spot like a local café and splurge on a cappuccino and spend a few hours lost in the book.


7)Hack away at your favorite side project:

 The hustle and bustle of daily office work can leave you exhausted so, instead of going out for a vacation there are far better options. If you ever wanted to paint like a painter, cook like a professional chef or try out extreme sports this is the best time. Just hacking your favorite side project like painting, cooking can prove out to be the best thing on the vacations.

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8)Join an online course

Learning via MOOC and tutorial would be great fun and an asset to while staying at home would prove to be an asset in future for career and skill development.

9)Hike for a Day:

Outing on a picnic spot with the family or a walk to a scenic area relaxes mind and soul but what to do if it is too hot outside or can’t get away? No worries because same things are possible then also by indoor camping.


10)Play your beats

Stocking up in everyday routine life make us dull and boring so why not play some beats this vacation? Researchers have reported that playing a musical instrument helps in lowering stress hormone cortisol thus making us feel relaxed. It develops our social skill, builds up the lost confident and fosters creativity thus, helping us in accomplishing more in the other areas of life.


Live in the sunshine, swim the sea, inhale the wild air not going anywhere but by staying in your sphere…!