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10 Amazing facts you need to know about the human body


Human body is a mechanical device in a sustainable form of life and with ever-changing biological phenomena. Since we hang out with our bodies all the time, we have a tendency to take them for granted. However, if you stop for a minute and think what the body does, you will consider how great it is. Right from digesting the breakfast to carrying oxygen to cells, from growing new skin to creating different sensations, the human body is indeed capable of carrying out wide varieties of things. In fact, it is not surprising that the human body is associated with several amazing facts, most of which are unknown to many. Below is a list of 10 amazing facts that you need to know:

  1. Relation Between Fat And Blood Vessels

10 Amazing facts you need to know about the human body

When you gain a single pound of fat, the human body tends to make several new blood vessels. This implies that your body is working harder to pump extra blood through these vessels. This, in turn, can put a strain on your heart and reduce the supply of oxygen to other tissues. On the other hand, if you lose a pound, your body can break down and re-absorb the unnecessary vessels.

  1. Brain Is A Wrinkling Organ-

If you tend to spread the brain out, it would become almost the size of a pillowcase. When a human being is 6 years old, by that time the brain is already about 90 percent of the size that will be during the time of adulthood.

  1. Difference In Colors Of Eyes

The eye color is a particular condition, and one condition is known as Heterochromia. This condition results in different colors. It is often related to the genes, and the human body adapts to it right at the time of fertilization of the egg.

  1. Taller In The Morning Than Evening

You are the tallest when you crawl out of the sack during the morning. This is mainly because of the excess fluid between the spinal discs. These fluids replenish while you are sleeping. During the course of the day, your body has to deal with the stress of standing due to which the discs become compressed. Thus, the fluid seeps out and you tend to lose an extra amount of height.

  1. Brain Stops Growing By The Age Of 18

From the age of 18, the brain begins losing about 1000 brain cells on a regular basis. While only 2% of the body weight is occupied by the gray matter, it uses about 205 of the energy output. The brain never rests and it works continuously. At times, it even works overtimes to perform its normal functioning.

  1. Production Of Heat By The Body

The human body produces enough heat within 30 minutes so that it can boil about half a gallon of water. The heat is produced by the body from different sources like metabolizing food, exercise and even maintaining homeostasis.

  1. Swallowing And Breathing Cannot Be Done Together

Unless human babies are nine months old, they can swallow and breathe at the same time. However, after this, the voice box drops low in the neck by means of which humans can have a wide range of sounds for speech. However, in the course of this, it takes the ability of the body to breathe and eat or drink at the same time.

  1. Usage Of Nostrils

Though you have two nostrils, a majority of human beings use only one nostril at a time. The erectile tissue in the nose swells up the tissue in one nostril and shrinking the other. As a result, you tend to switch breathing automatically between the nostrils after every four hours.

  1. Salivating More Before Vomiting

Stomach acid can often be harsh on the throat and mouth. Therefore, salivating more before vomiting can help in diluting the acid. Consequently, it rinses away for minimizing any kind of damage caused by vomiting.

  1. More Than 600 Skeletal Muscles

Human body comprises of more than 600 skeletal muscles and if all these are contracted and pulled in the same direction, it can offer about twenty tons of resistance.

These are some of the most amazing facts about the human body that many people did not know.



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