1 shocking moment in her life – Botfly larva in a girl’s head


Nothing would be more worse when you realize your body has become a carrier for parasites. Would you believe that larva can leave in your body and could actually feed on your blood ? You should believe. According to the zoologists larva of flies can leave on any part of out body. They will penetrate into our deeper layers of skin and start feeding in our blood. Our body can’t identify them as foreign particle as they deeply gets into the layers of our skin. Well this is a very serious and dangerous thing that could happen to one. The larva will generate more number of larva’s and that could actually lead to the carrier death.

This video is about a girl who has Botfly Larva in her head. 

This video is about a girl who has returned from a camping vacation couldn’t sleep as she could feel something moving inside her head. The girl initially couldn’t identify that. Days passed and the situation is being worse. She now started to listen to some weird noises inside her head. After struggle she has finally identified that a botfly larva is getting hatched in her head.  She has visited a doctor and eventually he couldn’t help her. Then she takes a decision to treat herself. The way her boyfriend has removed the botfly from her head will give you goosebumps.