1 reason which can excite you to watch humari adhoori kahaani


Vidya balan is playing a role of a victimized woman. Vidya balan has played roles of strong, independent women in movies like kahaani; no one killed Jessica and the dirty picture. She has done a brilliant job in these movies. Her acting was appreciated by everybody. As you can see in the trailers of humari adhoori kahaani, she seems to be in pain and under pressure of her husband. It would be really exciting to watch her doing a role like this as it seems to be different from all her previous roles. It would be exciting to see her act in this movie. It would be a challenge for her and an excitement for the viewers.

vidya balan in " the dirty picture"
vidya balan in ” the dirty picture”
Vidya Balan in the movie Kahaani
Vidya Balan in the movie Kahaani


vidya balan in "no one killed jessica"
vidya balan in “no one killed jessica”

The plot of the movie seems interesting. It is a love story of a lady where love doesn’t seem to end even after her marriage. Also, she is not happy with her marriage because of her husband who mistreats her. Vidya balan has been doing great movies and has given a very good performance in her previous movies. I think it would be an interesting love story. Emraan hashmi and vidya balan share a very good chemistry as is shown in the trailers. It seems to be a different love story. Vidya balan and emraan hashmi have done movies together before. Being a romantic person, I always like watching love stories. Any other person like me would be excited to know, how they met, why they got separated, why she married another person and so on.

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It is a serious love story. And it is a mystery whether the adhoori kahaani completes or not. The excitement comes from the title itself. We have been watching a lot many movies like Mary kom, mardaani and revolver rani where stories of strong women were shown. So, for a change a story of a victimized woman is not a bad option. I am sure Vidya balan would do a great job in this role too. Also, Vidya balan looks very beautiful in the movie. She has very innocent looks in the movie. The songs in the movie are equally romantic and soothing. The title of the movie, Vidya balan’s role and the distinctive love story excites me to watch it.

she looks amazingly beautiful in the movie
she looks amazingly beautiful in the movie