As technology has invaded our lives, we are all just a few clicks away from fulfilling  our wishes and needs. We have withdrawn all the  physical strain from our daily lives and following a monotonous lifestyle which is totally unhealthy and unacceptable. Let’s avail the benefits of playing sports at least by participating twice a week.

From kids to adults, Everyone has their own commitments fulfilling their career oriented lives. We have no place for sports in our life as it’s totally overloaded with target’s, promotions and commitments. But let’s make time for sports by waking early in the morning or in the evening because of tremendous benefits like Fitness, Increased Strength, Stamina and many other advantages which we are going to discuss below. According to Research, Individuals who engage themselves in the sports activity  at least once a week has more satisfying career compared to their peers.

Topcount describes the Top 10 benefits of playing sports.



Life has become so simple where we don’t need to move at all and lagging to be  fit. So, by engaging in a sport at least on weekends, we can keep the disease at bay. The Obesity levels have become a serious threat to the modern society from children to mature adults, The only and healthy way to reduce obese levels is through playing sports.

  1. Keep’s heart diseases at bay: 

Sports help to maintain a healthy heart by removing the excess fat globules in your  arteries. As it increases the activity of the body, extra calories are shed away  through sweat replacing the healthy enzymes which prevent cardiovascular diseases. It also Increases  the endurance that allows you to reach maximum  potential.

3.Strength  & stamina:


Strength, both mental and physical is vital for the existence and playing sports increases both. As per the saying “Practice makes the man more perfect” exercising  our physical and mental abilities make us more armed to use them in our life more wisely.

Stamina is the ability to work over continuous periods of time and this can attain by playing Sports.

4.Flexibility of body :


Though you have an excellent strength and stamina, but if your body is stiff and inflexible, that will certainly be a stumbling block for your growth. Suppleness is essential for a healthy body which can be earned through yoga.

5.Teamwork :

team building

This is a useful lesson for kids to carry into adulthood and their future careers. Let’s go with the motto “Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.”

6.Controlling Emotions and Respecting authority:


Our lethargic body loses its control and exacerbates the situation. By following rules, taking direction and accepting decisions from coach to peers  in  sport. There we learn to control our negative emotions and learn to channelize our emotion in the right way. There are tons of things to get distracted. But, by controlling emotions we focus on making sure to be on the right track.

7.Promotes self-confidence:


Self-confidence adds a particular charm to the personality of a person. Whatever your goal may be, whatever you want to do with your life,it will not let you leave your track. The surge in  self-esteem makes feel good about yourself even in worse cases.

8.Dedication and Perseverance:


These two qualities are essential to be a successful person irrespective of profession.Dedication means to have complete attention and focus on the work. Perseverance is top notch  to get determined regardless of failures and move forward.Many successful people like Steve jobs, Bill gates, and Elon musk had the grit to make to make their dream true.

9.Recreation for both participants and nonparticipants:

Refreshment of your Body and Mind through an  activity makes you pleasant,cheerful and breezy.

Sport is the best thing to have fun and it entertains both players and audience.

10.Promotes healthy competition :

A good character can be acquired through Teamwork, Leadership and practicing mental and moral qualities. Players learn to be sportive despite losing big matches and continue to focus on the next game.Instead of promoting unnecessary tantrums, we learn to bounce back and learn from our mistakes.

Don’t find reasons and swiftly make a move from the bed to the field. Apart from the above advantages, there are plenty of skills and attributes which can be developed by engaging in the sport at least twice a week.