Health is wealth! As people realize the high importance of good health, they are becoming conscious day by day. As a result, brown rice has materialized to be a trendy product almost in every corner of the world.  It is well-known to comprise of both germ and bran including the endosperm fraction of this particular grain. The unique amalgamation makes it highly nutritious in comparison to the white rice. The brown rice is a multifaceted carbohydrate, which is known by the name of slow carb. It does not lead to abrupt climb in sugar echelon and gets digested slowly.

Brown Rice – Comprising of Essential Minerals

Brown rice is also known to comprise of certain minerals like selenium, magnesium, and manganese including higher levels of essential fiber which contribute towards good digestion. Such an exclusive associated quality has been successful in replacing other types of rice in the kitchen with a commitment to give the good body shape.

5 Highly Unpolished Brands of Brown Rice

Due to high demand, it is high time to go through some of the highly unpolished and recognized brown rice brand which must be included in the regular diet for staying fit. They are as under:

  • Daawat Quick Cooking Brown Rice – Daawat Quick Cooking Brown Rice at present ranks among the finest brands of brown rice. It is well-known for getting cooked in a quick manner. As it is manufactured by utilizing the best Hydration Enhancement Technology, it gets cooked sooner without permitting loss of nutrition values. It comprises of a good taste and comprises of outstanding health remuneration. It is known to promise zero cholesterol along with rich minerals and vitamins.


  • India Gate Brown Basmati Rice – India Gate is also a very reputed brown rice brand of India. It is sold at a high rate and is available in two different variants. It is known to promise high satisfaction of fiber along with highly inspiring health reimbursements. This particular brown rice will formulate your normal diet highly healthier and nourishing. It is the fine and long grain, well known for faultless taste and good quality.


  • Down to Earth Organic Brown Rice – This Down to Earth Organic Brown Rice is harvested and cultured from the natural rice fields situated in various divisions of India. It is among those unpolished grains which are known to retain the smooth dye of the cellulose. Such quality makes it highly fiber-rich and highly superior in comparison to white rice. It makes a vigorous nourishing meal along with a slight type nutty flavor. Superior taste including the richness of nutrients is promised to all!


  • Lal Qilla Brown Basmati Rice – The Lal Qilla Brown Basmati Rice is one more highly admired brown rice brand known to all. It is well identified for its exclusive quality and is cultured on the healthy and rich parklands of Himalayan foothills. The granule comprises of rich fitness payback and includes a good and exclusive aroma and taste. The process meant for manufacturing is strictly monitored in order to guarantee that every granule meets the required quality standards. Due to wonderful taste and quality, this rice is acknowledged by people in foreign also. The slight, as well as delicate texture of the rice, makes it the good choice for fat consumption.


  • Kohinoor Brown Basmati Rice – Kohinoor Brown Basmati Rice has been kept in the list due to its ability to meet the present say requirements of the healthy as well as a wholesome This un-milled type of rice comprises of a meek nutty taste. As it is highly fiber-rich and nutrients, it has been considered to be a good option for health.


You can easily find the associated goodness of calcium, proteins, iron as well as carbohydrates.  A good option to reduce levels of cholesterol! As only the outmost coat of the rice core is detached during processing, least damage is caused to the nourishment of grain. A good diet is promoting strong digestion plus better living!

It is very much essential to consume a nutritious diet in moderate quantity. All the brands of brown rice brands above are among the highly recognized trademarks in the market. They can be easily included in the regular diet without worrying about becoming fat. You may also bid goodbye to the upset stomach due easily.